Mashkov: Russia rears its head after decades of humiliation

Ekaterina Tsvetkova/Global Look Press Russia is a country of smart, talented and strong people who have a great future. Actor Vladimir Mashkov shared this opinion in an interview with journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda. “I really like the Soviet Union. There were some costs of human existence. And now we live in a unique, absolutely incredible, … Read more

American journalist spoke about the long-term humiliation of the United States of Russia

American socio-political commentator Ann Coulter said on a talk show by British TV presenter Piers Morgan that the United States has been humiliating Russia for a long time. The program aired on July 30. So, in her opinion, Washington “humiliated the Russians for too long.” In addition, Coulter said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “was … Read more

The President of the United States was predicted the second strategic humiliation in a year after Afghanistan

He writes that the story with Afghanistan has cast doubt on the United States as the leader of the “free world”, and the defeat in Ukraine will become a critical feature for the world economy, which suffers huge losses every day. As the expert notes, this is an insoluble problem for US President Joe Biden … Read more

The head of the Czech Foreign Ministry took up arms against Macron for words about the inadmissibility of “humiliation of Russia”

The head of the department criticized the French leader for his words about Russia. Macron, in an interview, said that Russia cannot be humiliated, and after the end of the special operation, it will be necessary to get out of the crisis through diplomacy. .

Figure skater Nugumanova spoke about the humiliation by the coaches

Elizaveta Nugumanova, winner of the junior stages of the Grand Prix in figure skating, gave an interview to the Match TV channel. The athlete admitted that last season she was repeatedly insulted by coach Evgeny Rukavitsin and his colleagues. According to Nugumanova, the mentors pointed out to the skater that she was overweight and insisted … Read more

Eurovision as an example of the humiliation of Europe: the opinion of Maria Zakharova

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on the air of the author’s program “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the Russia 1 TV channel (all episodes are available on the “Looking” media platform) commented on Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision 2022 contest. She admitted that she would have ridiculed the result … Read more