The University of Houston has created a super-efficient anti-icing coating for aviation

Photo by Eric Masur on Unsplash Scientists at the University of Houston have developed the latest coating for super-efficient aircraft de-icing. The protective properties of the new coating exceed those of analogues by 100 times. Tests have shown that it is capable of protecting aircraft materials more than any other tool in the aerospace industry, … Read more

The mayor of Houston ruled out the possibility of breaking ties with sister cities in Russia

The authorities in Houston, Texas, USA, do not currently plan to sever ties with Russian sister cities, despite reproaches from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for refusing to take such a step. The corresponding statement was made by the director of trade and international relations at the Houston City Hall, Christopher Olson. .

Scientists at the University of Houston have identified a protein useful for muscle growth A group of specialists from the University of Houston analyzed the properties of the TAK1 signalosome. The results of the scientific study were published in Nature Communications. According to the data obtained by scientists, the TAK1 complex is actively involved in the control of skeletal muscle mass. When activated, this complex promotes protein synthesis … Read more

Viewer of rapper Scott’s concert in Houston sues artist

One of the spectators of the concert of rapper Travis Scott at the festival in Houston (Texas), where people were killed as a result of the stampede, filed a lawsuit against the artist and organizers. It is reported on Sunday, November 7, by the Billboard edition. It is noted that Manuel Sousa’s lawsuit was registered … Read more