Military correspondent of the FAN Alexander Simonov spoke about the restoration of the housing stock of Mariupol

Federal news agency Today, new houses and even entire neighborhoods are being built in different districts of Mariupol, intended for people whose apartments burned down during urban battles. FAN correspondent spoke about how the restoration of the housing stock is going Alexander Simonov. First of all, those who, by some miracle, have preserved the package … Read more

The St. Petersburg exhibition “Housing and Utilities of Russia” will bring together the best specialists for the exchange of experience The exhibition “Housing and Utilities of Russia – 2023” will be held in St. Petersburg from 18 to 20 April. It will bring together the best specialists in the field to exchange experience. This project has been implemented since 2004. It is supported by the government of St. Petersburg, as well as specialized enterprises … Read more

Loans for secondary housing in Russia began to be issued at a rate of 1%

The expert added that with a short loan term, a standard mortgage becomes much more profitable than a program with a reduced rate. We are talking about the fact that at a reduced rate due to the payment of a commission, the loan amount itself increases, and under standard conditions you have to spend money … Read more

Rental prices in regions bordering new territories have decreased

The supply of housing for rent in the capitals of the Russian regions that border Ukraine and the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions that have recently become part of Russia increased noticeably in November. At the same time, prices have decreased, it follows from the analytical materials of the CIAN platform, cited by RBC. … Read more

Real estate expert Shloma called the condition for lowering housing prices

The collapse of the real estate market is waiting for the stock expert Valery Yemelyanov. According to him, the housing sector was negatively affected by the average term of the mortgage, the massive outflow of Russians from the country. .

Requirements for the resettlement of emergency housing may be tightened in Russia

The deputies expect to oblige the authorities of the region to raise prices for the purchase of housing for migrants. According to Vladimir Koshelev, First Deputy Head of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing and Communal Services, many municipalities make the cost 20% lower than that set by the Ministry of Construction, Izvestia … Read more

Indexation of housing and communal services tariffs in Russia began on December 1

The Government of the Russian Federation from December 1 raises tariffs for housing and communal services. Prices for gas, electricity, heat and water supply will be indexed in the country. .

The head of the housing inspection of Volgograd was punished for bureaucratic red tape

During the prosecutor’s check, it turned out that the housing inspection of Volgograd is negligent in its direct duties. Thus, the head of this structure in August and September 2022 did not register 228 citizens’ appeals in a timely manner. Because of this, the deadlines for solving the problems of residents were violated, Volgogradskaya Pravda … Read more