Several people were injured in a fire in a dormitory of a medical university in Saratov

Several people were injured in the fire, according to reports. The exact number of victims and the causes of the emergency are still being established. Emergency services are on the scene. .

More than 300 people got out of a burning hostel in the north-east of Moscow

“In total, more than 300 people were evacuated before the arrival of firefighters,” TASS reports. People independently got out from the fourth floor of a five-story building, despite the fact that open burning was observed from the windows of the fourth floor, RIA Novosti reports. The message about the fire in the building on Yaroslavskaya … Read more

‘My Possessed Pet’ trailer released – from ‘Hostel’ director

Over the years, Kinokratia has brought you a lot of top-notch game, but here’s something special: My Possessed Pet premieres September 30th. Here is the trailer. My Possessed Pet is a “paranormal documentary series” from the director of “Hostel”, “Fever” and “Grindhouse” Eli Roth, a friend and colleague of Tarantino, who does not seem to … Read more

Wounded member of the special operation refused to accept in a Moscow hostel

A participant in a special operation in Ukraine, who was seriously injured, was refused to be accepted in one of the hostels in Moscow together with his wife. The administration of the institution, without explaining the reasons, kicked out the young people, despite the prepayment made. .