Vlad Sokolovsky was urgently hospitalized during the filming of “Stars in Africa”

Prt scr rutube.ru | Stars in Africa. Battle of the Seasons Singer Vlad Sokolovsky was taken to the hospital from the set of the TV show “Stars in Africa”. The performer complained of unbearable pain in the abdomen, the StarHit portal reported. At first, the artist tried to cope with the discomfort on his own. … Read more

Four passengers were hospitalized after a car overturned on Olkhon

The incident occurred three kilometers from the village of Khuzhir. According to the department, the 29-year-old driver of the passenger car lost control and allowed a rollover. The injured girls, aged 25 to 29, were taken to the hospital. .

Doctors urgently hospitalized Sergey Burunov with coronavirus

It is specified that the star of the “Policeman from Rublyovka” was brought to the emergency department on the afternoon of September 20. Burunov had a cough with sputum, shortness of breath, pain in the throat, head and muscles. Previously, the actor fell ill on September 14, and the next day he was swabbed. .

World kickboxing champion Pashporin was hospitalized in Gelendzhik with a broken head

NEVA NEWS Doctors hospitalized world kickboxing champion Artem Pashporin in Gelendzhik. A piece of rock fell off and hit the athlete’s head. He spoke about this on his page on VKontakte. The incident took place on the beach on 29 August. Doctors and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations took Pashporin to the intensive … Read more