Animators in costumes of a giraffe and a horse were detained in the center of St. Petersburg for molesting people

Law enforcement officers detained animators in costumes of a giraffe, a dragon horse for molesting people in the center of St. Petersburg. This was reported on the page of the Central District of the Northern Capital on VKontakte. .

Courrier international: Turkey as a Trojan horse helps Russia bypass sanctions

passing train on the tracks

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — Russia circumvents Western sanctions with the help of the “Trojan horse in NATO” – Turkey writes French newspaper Courrier international. Trade volume between Ankara and Moscow has risen sharply in recent months, a sign of significant transit activity helping Russia evade sanctions. In addition, Putin and Erdogan agreed to promote the … Read more

Foreign Policy called Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in the EU

Foreign Policy magazine called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe. This is stated in an article published on August 3. “Orban’s far-right sentiments have now become apparent to the whole world. Of more serious concern in recent days was the fact that Hungary continued to bring water to Moscow. Last week, … Read more

The media reported on the fear of Brussels because of the “Trojan horse” Putin

Brussels fears that Italy could become Russia’s “Trojan horse” in Europe after the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Columnist Bernardo de Miguel writes about this on July 21 in an article for the Spanish newspaper El País. “The fear in the EU capital is that Italy will, at best, become a weak link … Read more

Petersburg Forum will treat participants with king crab, black caviar and horse meat There are currently at least eight restaurants operating within SPIEF, which have located their branches directly at the forum venues. If guests want to take a walk around St. Petersburg for lunch, they can also eat at two restaurants that have allocated a site for them at their base – Palkin and Stroganoff Steak … Read more

In the Urals, a horse trampled a man

In Verkhnyaya Salda, on Uritsky Street, a horse attacked a man. The animal knocked the man off his feet and began to trample on his hooves. As “Komsomolskaya Pravda” writes with reference to the head of the press service of the Sverdlovsk Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a woman passing by frightened … Read more

In the Sverdlovsk region, an aggressive horse sent a man to intensive care A resident of the city of Verkhnyaya Salda in the Sverdlovsk region was hospitalized after a horse attack: an aggressive animal trampled a man with its hooves. This was reported by eyewitnesses in social networks. The incident occurred on May 29 on Uritsky Street. Judging by the footage published on the Web, the horse … Read more