Songs in Ukrainian are heard in Moscow at a concert in honor of the accession of new regions

Videos from the event appear on the Web, where people came to support new regions within Russia. Artists perform both in Russian and Ukrainian. It is worth noting that millions of people who have become Russian citizens are fluent in both languages. By the way, they did not have such an opportunity as part of … Read more

The guard of honor of the autumn “Memory Watch” took up duty at the Eternal Flame in Kerch

Stepping into the guard of honor, the guys took a solemn oath to remain worthy of the title of guard and continue to cultivate the traits of heroes inherent in the defenders of the Motherland. In addition, the students promised to “sacredly preserve and increase the heroic and labor traditions” of Kerch. .

FAN report from a rally in honor of the entry of the LPR into Russia

The signing of agreements on the entry of the liberated territories into the Russian Federation took place immediately after the President’s address Vladimir Putin. Residents of Lugansk, who came out to the rally, watched the speech of the head of Russia, which was broadcast on a screen specially installed for this purpose. They met the … Read more

SHAMAN performed in Moscow at a concert in honor of the accession of new regions

Concerts are held throughout Russia, the main of which is in Moscow. Artists perform on the capital’s stage, among which was SHAMAN. The singer performed the song “Let’s Get Up” on Red Square. .

The authorities of Yasnogorsk will name one of the streets of the city in honor of Daria Dugina

The administration of Yasnogorsk, located in the Tula region, decided to name one of the streets in honor of the deceased Daria Dugina. This was told by the head of the administration of the Yasnogorsk region Vladimir Mukhin. .

Investigative Committee began checking on the fact of the demolition of the monument in honor of the Liberator Soldier near Novosibirsk

The material said that the monument was demolished for the construction of a sports facility, for the construction of which money was allocated from the federal budget. Chairman of the IC Alexander Bastrykin instructed and. about. to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Novosibirsk Region … Read more

Olga Orlova has published a touching congratulations in honor of the anniversary of the mother

Orlova added that she was always amazed at the beautiful appearance of her mother. Subscribers of the singer agreed that the hero of the day looks great for her age. According to commentators, the artist was lucky with her genes. .

Head of the Federal Research Center Shugaley: It is an honor for me to be in the organization “Immortal Regiment of Russia”

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko President of the Fund for the Protection of National Values ​​(FZNC) Maksim Shugaley was elected to the headquarters of the Regional branch of the movement “Immortal Regiment of Russia” in St. Petersburg. In conversation with FAN the sociologist shared the details of how he decided to join this patriotic … Read more

Lawyer Gordon suggested that Galkin name a concert program in honor of recognition as a foreign agent

The Ministry of Justice of Russia recognized humorist and showman Maxim Galkin (an individual acting as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) as a foreign agent. Lawyer Ekaterina Gordon commented on this event. .