A court in Lutsk sentenced a terrorist to 13 years in prison for hijacking a bus in 2020

A court in the city of Lutsk has sentenced Maxim Krivosh, who is accused of hijacking a bus with passengers in 2020. The man received 13 years in prison, according to the official TG channel of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. .

A resident of Saransk stole and crashed a friend’s car

The police launched an investigation at the request of a resident of Saransk, who complained about the loss of her passenger car. Investigators soon followed the trail of the hijacker. It turned out to be a friend of the victim. According to investigators, he waited for his girlfriend to fall asleep after a picnic in … Read more

Police returned a car stolen by his daughter to a resident of the Zaporozhye region

Federal news agency A woman stole a car from her father to get to a neighboring village in the Zaporozhye region. The incident took place in the city of Berdyansk, the city police department reported. A local resident turned to the police, who said that his ZAZ-Slavuta car had disappeared from the courtyard of the … Read more

Drunk foreigner stole a car in Ryazan and crashed into a metal pole

The man, who was in a state of intoxication, decided to steal the transport. Moving along Griboyedov Street, the hijacker lost control and crashed into a metal pole. In court, the criminal case against the foreigner was terminated due to the reconciliation of the parties. .

The Kremlin highly appreciated the operation of the FSB to prevent the hijacking of aircraft

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