SARs stretched to the south // Sochi “Sirius” may become a new special administrative district

Under the sanctions, the authorities are not abandoning their attempts to increase the attractiveness of “Russian offshores” – now parliamentarians have also joined the process. The draft law they submitted yesterday to the State Duma extends the regime of a special administrative region (SAR) to the Sirius Center, a federal territory located on the territory … Read more

Technology stocks fall after Snap’s negative outlook

U.S. tech stocks fell sharply on Tuesday after social networking site Snap cut its earnings guidance. Shares of Snap Inc. itself. collapsed by 43% to $12.79, which was the largest decline in the history of the company. Alphabet quotes sank 5% to $2119.4, while Meta shares (recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) fell 7.6% … Read more

Japan bans exports of high-tech equipment to Russia

The Japanese authorities have expanded the list of goods and technologies that are prohibited from being exported to Russia. The list included high-tech equipment, including 3D printers and equipment for quantum computing. The ban has been approved by the government and will come into force on May 20. The new sanctions are reported on the … Read more

What goods do not go to Russia // Conjuncture

Judging by inquiries from customers, the supply of goods that are included in the EU sanctions lists has stopped, says Yulia Shlenskaya, General Director of KVT: “These are electronics, some medical goods, things related to technology. The flow of textile goods fell due to the fact that consumer demand decreased. Although, in principle, these goods … Read more

Foreign exchange control // Settlements of the Russian economy in major currencies will be limited

The US authorities yesterday announced a new round of sanctions against Russia – their action will be extended to large banks that will face an asset freeze, and a ban on the supply of high-tech products will also be introduced. In addition, together with the G7 countries, Washington will limit “the ability of the Russian … Read more

Healthcare in the new version // The government has updated the regulation on the Uniform State Health Information System

The functionality of the Unified State Health Information System (EGISZ) will be expanded. According to the government decree, several new subsystems will appear in it, in particular, registers of medical documents on birth and death, on medical certificates for the right to own weapons, and a register of children with rare diseases. The list of … Read more

Why, according to the authors of the bill, all this is necessary

According to the author of the bill, we are talking, for example, about bans on the purchase of a number of types of industrial products, software and hardware and software systems under the law on public procurement (FZ-44), as well as restrictions when, in the presence of one or two applications from Russian manufacturers, a … Read more

Oil lost to politics // Which mutual funds brought income in January

2022 began with a correction in the Russian financial market. As a result, over two-thirds of all retail mutual funds were unprofitable. The biggest losses were incurred by mutual funds of high-tech companies, which are suffering due to rising rates around the world. The outsiders were also funds with ruble assets, which suffered due to … Read more