NATO may give Kyiv billions from the Afghan Army Assistance Fund

The Afghan Trust Fund would help cover short-term costs and ease tensions within the Alliance, when NATO’s unity is key to its existence. According to one of the sources, NATO representatives have been discussing the possibility of using Afghan funds for Kyiv for more than a month, including during a meeting in Brussels in October. … Read more

Meeting of school volunteer detachments was held in Sevastopol

A regional rally of volunteer detachments took place in Sevastopol. It was a one-day intensive for middle and high school students who have been successfully implementing volunteer projects for a long time. Moscow Agency / Alexander Avilov Head of the volunteer headquarters “We are together” Victoria Kashlyakov told the meeting participants about how to reach … Read more

Mobile headquarters of volunteers opened in the center of Moscow

In themed houses at the GUM Fair on Red Square, you can give your gifts to the families of the mobilized and the fighters who are now on the front lines. Volunteers accept shampoo, soap, wet wipes, toothpaste, letters, drawings with wishes, socks, T-shirts, underwear, warm hats and gloves, sets of thermal underwear, tea, coffee, … Read more

Gas explosion victims in Nizhnevartovsk to be paid 100,000 rubles each

The tragedy, which claimed the lives of six people, occurred the day before in house number 6-A on Mira Street. There was an explosion. The cause of the emergency was a burst of gas. As a result of the incident, the second and third floors of the building partially collapsed. In addition to the dead, … Read more

Doctors from Khanty-Mansiysk flew to Nizhnevartovsk to help victims of a gas explosion

Dobrovolsky stressed that he was flying to Nizhnevartovsk together with Denis Nikitin, the chief freelance anesthesiologist of the regional depzdrav. In addition to the anesthesiologist, the team of doctors also included a traumatologist, a neurosurgeon, a surgeon and other specialists. .

#MYVMESTE Volunteer Headquarters will open its doors at the Youth House

Recall that a series of events in the field of youth policy will be held in the Youth House from December 5 to 22. More than 20,000 people will participate in a series of events at the Youth House: schoolchildren, students, volunteers, activists of public organizations, heads of patriotic organizations, heads of constituent entities of … Read more

Russian tourists may not be paid debts for disrupted trips until December 31

ATA Executive Director Natalia Osipova noted that Russian tourists are increasingly turning to travel agencies with the question of whether they will be able to receive their money before December 31. On this day, the delay established by the decree of the Government of Russia ends. .

Berlin continues to support Kyiv, despite the disappointment of the Germans

All military equipment was sent to Kyiv from manufacturers, and not from the country’s national reserves. The total cost of arms export licenses issued by the German government since the beginning of the year is 1.6 billion euros. .

Employees of the Russian Guard thanked the Arkhangelsk schoolboy who helped the participants of the NWO

According to the boy’s mother, he made this decision after reading a story about children who raised funds to build a tank during the Great Patriotic War. The commandos arranged a tour of the military unit for Artyom and his mother and presented gifts. There he wrote a letter to the participants of the special … Read more