Russia has adopted the latest missile for combat helicopters “Izdeliye 305”

The latest air-to-surface guided missile Izdeliye 305 has been adopted by Russia. Information about this is contained in the material published by Krasnaya Zvezda in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Deputy Head of JSC NPO High Precision Complexes, General Designer of JSC NPK Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (KBM) Hero of Labor of … Read more

The pilot of the Russian Aerospace Forces told why his Mi-8 helicopter was nicknamed “Mad Eight”

The crew of the Mi-8 VKS of the Russian Federation was able to destroy the Buk air defense system of the Ukrainian army, as well as the enemy radar for illuminating air targets and the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Russian pilot spoke about this in a video published by the … Read more

The combat work of the Mi-8MTV-5 and Ka-52 helicopters during the special operation was caught on video

It is noted that all flights are carried out by crews at extremely low altitude. Russian helicopters are faced with the task of eliminating armored vehicles and military infrastructure of the Ukrainian army, escorting army columns, delivering paratroopers, military cargo and air support for formations. .

Footage of the destruction of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of “Alligators” Ka-52 appeared on the Web

According to the servicemen, the Ka-52 managed to prove itself as a reliable and maneuverable helicopter. They provide cover for the Russian infantry during the offensive, and also hit missiles precisely on targets. The Alligators’ arsenal includes 30 mm guns, guided and unguided rockets, as well as over 500 rounds of ammunition and aerial bombs. … Read more

The Network showed the combat work of attack helicopters Ka-52 during a special operation in Ukraine

It is reported that the helicopters successfully carry out the task of eliminating enemy targets in the forest, the hit is recorded using an objective control camera, which is installed on the drone. At this time, another Ka-52 flies up to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at an extremely low altitude, hiding … Read more

Footage of the combat work of Mi-28 helicopters in the special operation zone in Ukraine appeared

The report says that in the course of performing regular combat missions, command posts and armored vehicles of Ukrainian army units were destroyed. The footage also shows how a Russian soldier talks about the details of the training and the nuances of the work of the Mi-28 crews. .

Two helicopters sent to put out a fire at a warehouse in Istra

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Izvestia showed the work of helicopters of the Ministry of Defense and artillerymen of the Russian Guard

On July 24, Izvestia obtained footage of the combat work of units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the National Guard during a special military operation to protect Donbass. The video shows the interaction of artillery fighters of the National Guard and helicopter pilots of the Ministry of Defense: one detects … Read more

The Ministry of Defense demonstrated the work of the crews of Ka-52 helicopters in Ukraine

It is reported that the pilots of the Russian Ka-52 flew along the routes at low and ultra-low altitudes. The pilots successfully launched missiles at fortified strongholds and armored vehicles of Ukrainian army units discovered by intelligence. .