Turnstiles in human height prevented visitors of the Polygon cafe from urgently leaving the premises

Guests of the Kostroma cafe “Polygon”, where there was a deadly fire, could not quickly get out into the street because of the turnstiles as tall as a man. It is noted that most of the evacuation exits were blocked. .

The Investigative Committee spoke about the detained militants involved in the attack on the paratroopers at a height of 776

sledcom.ru | Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation In the Stavropol Territory and Tomsk, two participants in attacks on Russian servicemen committed in the North Caucasus more than 20 years ago were detained. Details of the criminal case were told by representatives of the Investigative Committee of Russia. According to the investigation, on February 29, … Read more

A Petersburger who fell from a height had his penis torn off by a parked car on Khasanskaya Street

Federal news agency A man with joyful cries fell out of a window on the 12th floor on Khasanskaya Street in St. Petersburg and collapsed onto a car parked near a high-rise building. From hitting a vehicle, a Petersburger tore his penis, writes the Megapolis | Accident and emergency | St. Petersburg | Peter”. The … Read more

Ebeko volcano in the Sakhalin region threw a column of ash to a height of 4.5 kilometers

It is reported that the ash plume reached a height of 4.5 kilometers above sea level. At the same time, the wind carried it in the North-East direction from Paramushir Island, where the volcano is located. .

In Volgograd, the coach will answer in court for the fall of a student from a five-meter height on a climbing wall

Investigators found that in March, a 13-year-old student came to sports tourism classes at the Youth Center on Krasnoznamenskaya Street. After 30 minutes, the instructor called the student’s parents and said that their child had fallen from a height of five meters. .

To remember: a historical memorial at the height of Saur-Mogila was restored in the DPR | Articles

The grand opening of the restored Saur-Mogila memorial complex took place on September 8 in the DPR. Now the stele and the figure of the Victorious Soldier rise again here, the Eternal Flame is lit. The memorial was built in 1967 in memory of the battles for this height during the Great Patriotic War. New … Read more

FAN publishes exclusive footage of the installation of the monument to the Soldier of Victory at the height of Saur-Mogila

The memorial complex was destroyed under constant shelling during the fighting in August 2014. Saur-Mogila itself is one of the highest points of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the mound is the remains of one of the eroded spurs of the Donetsk Ridge. .