“All of them, with the right behavior, can go to heaven”: Wasserman on the fate of Catholics and Orthodox

The Vatican is an integral part of the Western world, which is now up in arms against Russia. About it in an interview FAN said the deputy of the State Duma Anatoly Wasserman. Formerly Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin acknowledged that relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church have … Read more

The fire “came down from heaven to earth” after the question of the Latvian priest about the special operation of Russia

Mil.ru / CC BY 4.0 / wikipedia.org A fire broke out in one of the churches in Latvia right during the holiday. The state of emergency happened at the moment when the priest asked a question about the humanity of the Russian special operation on the territory of Ukraine, the Telegram channel “Highlight | News” … Read more

Union in Heaven // The Ministry of Transport of Belarus offered Russia to unite the regulation of air transport

Minsk’s proposal to respond to the country’s potential disconnection from the global aviation data system by creating a unified aviation administration for Belarus and Russia, according to industry participants, will not lead to the desired result. Its implementation may take a decade, while this idea is not even discussed in the relevant departments, sources say … Read more