Doctors have listed the types of people who should give up coffee Coffee is not considered unhealthy. However, there are 11 types of people who are better off avoiding it. Patients who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome should avoid coffee from their diet. It is also worth doing for people with glaucoma and an overactive bladder. You should not get involved in coffee in the presence … Read more

The star of “Afoni” Valentina Talyzina suffered a hypertensive crisis

Theater and film actress Valentina Talyzina celebrated her birthday in January – the People’s Artist of the RSFSR will turn 88 years old. Recently, a celebrity often complains about her health, and on the night of November 4, she even had a hypertensive crisis. .

Doctor Alkasheva named popular products that worsen women’s health Women should not abuse sugar and dairy products, said Alina Alkasheva, an endocrinologist at the SM-Clinic. According to her, excessive consumption of sugar causes obesity, heart problems and atherosclerosis. The expert also claims that sugar reduces collagen production, which is bad for the skin. “The fair sex is not recommended to consume more than … Read more

IT expert Kuskov gave advice on maintaining the health of the smartphone

The specialist advises to audit everything that is stored on the smartphone. Unnecessary programs should be removed so that applications open faster. Denis Kuskov advises paying attention to widgets, as they take up a lot of memory. If the phone is slow, then you should refuse them. .

Pele’s health wishes appeared on the Aspire Tower in Qatar

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