Headquarters set up in Yakutia to return mistakenly mobilized

A headquarters has been set up in Yakutia to return citizens who were mobilized by mistake. It was organized by the deputies of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the republic and the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Yakutia. The headquarters will receive appeals from the Yakut people about the facts of violations during partial … Read more

Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously to Tretyakevich, member of the Young Guard headquarters

kremlin.ru | Administration of the President of Russia The commissioner of the underground anti-fascist organization “Young Guard” Viktor Tretyakevich became a Hero of Russia posthumously. The corresponding title was awarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Young Guard organization was created in the fall of 1942 on the territory of Krasnodon occupied by the Germans. … Read more

Russian operational headquarters reveals 53,457 new cases of coronavirus infection

pxhere.com Specialists of the operational headquarters for preventing the spread of coronavirus infection have published up-to-date data on COVID-19 in Russia. According to doctors, 53,457 COVID-19 infections were detected in the country over the past day. 57,019 people have fully recovered from the dangerous disease. 3719 Russians needed medical assistance. Doctors recorded the death of … Read more

Headquarters started working in Crimea to assist partial mobilization

A headquarters has been set up in Crimea to coordinate the work of all ministries and departments, authorities at various levels to assist in the partial mobilization that has begun in the republic. This was announced by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksyonov. According to him, he himself headed the work of the headquarters … Read more

Tikhanovskaya arrived at the UN headquarters in New York

It remains unknown whether Svetlana Tikhanovskaya arrived to participate in the UN General Assembly events in her personal capacity, or as part of a team of one of the European delegations. The ex-candidate for the presidency of Belarus has not yet spoken on the sidelines of the summit. .

Headquarters of the DPR Terodefense: two men were injured during the shelling of Nikolsky by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Federal News Agency Kyiv nationalists shelled the village of Nikolskoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Information about this in the Telegram channel was shared by the headquarters of the territorial defense of the DPR. “Ukrainian fighters attacked the village of Nikolskoye. Two men were injured along Yugova Street – they were taken to the Dokuchaevsk … Read more

Participants of the meeting at the headquarters of CYBER FRONT Z assessed the likelihood of introducing general mobilization

In recent months, the media have been actively discussing the situation in Ukraine, as well as the possibility of general mobilization to solve the problems of a special military operation. The speaker of the meeting, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, shared his opinion on this Dmitry Dmitriev. .

A group of the CSTO operational headquarters arrived in Armenia

Global Look Press | Russian Defense Ministry Armenia received employees of the CSTO operational headquarters, who are to carry out a monitoring mission on the border with Azerbaijan. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic. The group was headed by the head of the CSTO Joint Staff, Colonel-General … Read more