Psychologist Miller told how to return harmony to the family

Federal News Agency Family crises are called psychological difficulties in relationships between lovers that occur at various stages of life together. Any crisis in family life occurs due to the fact that “rose-colored glasses” fall off, euphoria and the stage of first falling in love pass. This is due to a decrease in the concentration … Read more

A Chinese woman chose to work in a cemetery instead of an office for the sake of harmony in her personal life

The girl became famous on social networks after she spoke about her activities. The Chinese woman described the work as “life in early retirement” and emphasized that she has enough free time. Thanks to this, a resident of China can enjoy beautiful scenery, while she is not burdened with compliance with the rules of office … Read more

Putin called the priority topic of interethnic harmony in the Russian Federation

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Actress Maria Shukshina shared the secret of beauty and harmony

Global Look Press | Gennadii Usoev Actress and TV presenter Maria Shukshina revealed the secret of unfading beauty and youthful appearance. The celebrity admitted that she uses the services of specialists. Shukshina is rarely seen at social events. However, she recently attended the premiere of a film in which she played the lead role. The … Read more

The longest cruise ship The Harmony of the Seas crashed into a pier in Jamaica

According to the publication, the incident occurred this morning in the port in Falmouth in the north of the country. The cruise ship, which is 362 meters long, crashed into the pier while trying to moor. Previously, the port pilot may be the culprit of the incident. .

Harmony for people and robots // Developers of artificial intelligence await state support and code of ethics

The government will provide state support to the creators of programs for artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, projects for up to six years will be eligible for subsidies of up to RUB 500 million. in year. Meanwhile, the practitioners of introducing AI into business processes are seriously discussing the ethical problems arising from the use of … Read more