“This Day in History” What happened on December 3, holidays, facts, people

Today, December 3, Russia celebrates Lawyer’s Day. It was on December 3, 1864, that judicial reform began in Russia. The first Russian lawyers were called “jurists”. At that time, it was possible to comprehend all the wisdom of Themis and become a certified jurist only at the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. An interesting fact: … Read more

Explosion in Samsun: local authorities told details about what happened in the Turkish port

prt scr youtube.com | lotus news A new incident at an important infrastructure facility occurred at a time of heightened regional tensions. An explosion and a fire started in the port of the Turkish city of Samsun on the Black Sea coast. CNN Turk was the first to report on the incident. After some time, … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 30, holidays, facts, people

Since 2006, the world has also celebrated the Day of Remembrance for all victims of chemical weapons. It was first used by Germany during the First World War, and then by other countries participating in the conflict. As a result, about 100 thousand people died and a million were poisoned. Later, chemical weapons were used … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 29, holidays, facts, people

Today the world is celebrating International Jaguar Day. Its goal is to raise public awareness of the plight of these predatory animals and the threats they currently face. To date, 33 out of 34 jaguar populations are classified as critically endangered, so the establishment of this eco-holiday in 2018 can certainly make a significant contribution … Read more

Actor Dolinsky remembered the terrible incident that happened to him in prison

As it turned out, Dolinsky not only pretended to be a fool in order to reduce the punishment, but also went on a dangerous act. The actor caused himself physical harm by cutting his throat. The artist lost consciousness, he was taken to a medical examination, where he demonstrated inappropriate behavior to the doctor. As … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 26, holidays, facts, people

We will tell about important historical events, unusual holidays and stellar birthdays in the new issue of the program “This Day in History”. November 26, 1963 began an active period of creating the program “Good night, kids!”, This date is considered her birthday. It first aired on September 1, 1964. The first heroes of the … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 25, holidays, facts, people

November 25, 1867 went down in history as Dynamite Invention Day. In fact, a patent was received on this day, confirming the authorship and rights to the production of an explosive. It was received by the Swedish chemist, engineer and inventor Alfred Bernhard Nobel – the same scientist whose name most people associate with the … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 13, holidays, facts, people

On November 13, volunteers and volunteers celebrate World Kindness Day. The purpose of the establishment of this memorable date is to attract more people to provide gratuitous assistance to those in need. The holiday is intended to promote the unification of all peoples of the world, despite cultural differences. Our multinational country joined the celebration … Read more

“This Day in History” What happened on November 9, holidays, facts, people

November 9 is the International Day against Fascism, Racism and Anti-Semitism. In 1938, there was a massive pogrom in Germany, known as “Kristallnacht” because of the number of broken shop windows owned by Jews. This tragedy claimed the lives of more than 90 people, and 30 thousand citizens were sent to concentration camps. On November … Read more