In Germany, they questioned the competence of the Minister of Economics Habek

The German newspaper Bild questioned the competence of the country’s economy minister, Robert Habek, after his unsuccessful response to a question about the country’s economic crisis caused by anti-Russian sanctions. This publication wrote on Wednesday, September 7th. According to the article, the day before, ARD asked Habek if he expected an increase in bankruptcies at … Read more

Economy Minister Habek considered the launch of SP-2 a political failure for Germany

Michael Kappeler/dpa/Globalookpress Germany’s consent to the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would be tantamount to a political failure for the country. This opinion was expressed by the Minister of Economics of Germany Robert Habek. The head of the department expressed confidence that with the launch of this pipeline, Germany would have trampled … Read more

German Economy Minister Habek expressed hope that gas supplies from Russia would not stop

germany flag in front of building

BERLIN, 15 Aug – Vice-Chancellor, German Energy Minister Robert Habek expressed hope that gas supplies from Russia would not be completely cut off. “I hope that this will not happen. But if this happens, we are creating additional opportunities for alternative purchases, for example, liquefied gas infrastructure,” Habek said at a press conference on Monday, … Read more

DWN: Qatar supplies gas to Italy instead of Germany, despite the visit of Minister of Economy Habek

MOSCOW, 14 Aug — Germany’s attempt to negotiate with Qatar on the supply of gas instead of fuel from Russia turned into a failure – instead, Qatari gas is received by Italy, informs Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. The author of the material recalled the March visit of German Economy Minister Robert Habek to the Middle East … Read more

Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer: Germany will not be able to refuse gas from Russia in the next five years

MOSCOW, July 31 — Germany will not be able to abandon Russian gas in the next five years, declared in an interview with the Zeit newspaper, the Prime Minister of the federal state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. In his opinion, the German government should accept this “bitter truth.” “If we understand that we cannot do … Read more

Vice Chancellor of Germany Habek allowed the deterioration of the country’s economy due to the energy crisis

The Vice Chancellor recalled that at present German gas storage facilities are almost 60 percent full. If by the coming winter this figure reaches 50 percent, and “the gas valve is closed,” then the country risks facing a severe economic crisis, he concluded. .

German Vice Chancellor Habek rejects plans to extract shale gas and refuse Russian gas

German Economy Minister, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said that Germany is not ready to use hydraulic fracturing for gas production. According to him, this will jeopardize the protection of water. He also rejected the idea of ​​refusing to import Russian gas. “In the North German Plain, we are sitting on a large amount of gas, … Read more