The police came to the American school because of a child with a toy gun

Global Look Press | Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON A suspicious man with a gun was spotted in the parking lot of Ridley High School. The Delaware County police came to the call, Fox News reports. Arriving law enforcement officers found out that someone had informed the security guard of the educational institution about a … Read more

In Moscow, a sophomore came to the agricultural university with knives and a gun

Federal News Agency A student of the Agricultural University of Moscow was taken to the police station after trying to enter the university with a weapon. This is reported by the Baza Telegram channel. According to the publication, the young man, on whose belt a piercing and cutting object was visible, aroused suspicion among the … Read more

Rosguards detained a drunken man with a “submachine gun” in Arkhangelsk

Department of the Russian Guard in the Arkhangelsk region The police and the National Guard detained a drunken brawler in Arkhangelsk. The man had a weapon with him. Residents of the city were worried when they saw a citizen with a submachine gun. Later it turned out that the bully was walking around with a … Read more

A resident of Zaporozhye tried to rob a car driver, threatening with a toy gun

In Energodar, law enforcement officers prevented a robbery attack on a car driver. The attacker tried to take away 50 thousand hryvnias from the victim, threatening with a children’s toy gun, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zaporozhye reports. .

Ukrainian soldiers use Hitler’s machine gun MG-42

As evidence, he published a photo of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters, which had previously appeared in one of the Ukrainian online communities. According to the journalist, the weapon in the hands of the soldiers is a modified Hitler machine gun. .

Two men died in an attack by an attacker with a gun in a field near Kaliningrad An attacker with a hunting rifle shot dead two men in the Kaliningrad region. The bodies of the dead were found in a field in the village of Privolnoye. It is reported by REN TV. The police detained the suspect. It turned out to be a previously convicted electrician. According to the preliminary version, … Read more

Ex-MMA fighter Oikin was detained with a gun in Moscow

Former boxer and mixed martial arts fighter Ilya Oikin has been detained in Moscow. The athlete walked around the city with a gun in his hands, which became known on Monday, September 5. The incident took place on Akademika Korolev Street. The behavior of the athlete alarmed passers-by, and they called the police. According to … Read more