Guests of the Russian Media Group discussed the uniqueness of the Far East at the EEF-2022

Participants of the Eastern Economic Forum talked on the topic “Eastern Russia – a cultural code of advanced development?” during Publik Talk, organized by Russian Media Group. The event discussed the uniqueness of the region, as well as opportunities to attract young people to the Far East. .

Muscovites and guests of the capital celebrate Apple Savior at VDNKh

Apple Savior is one of the first harvest festivals. It is believed that at this time nature “unfolds from summer to autumn.” On this day, it is customary to consecrate fruits, bake apples, and also bake pies and pancakes with this fruit. In the old days, the first day of Apple Savior was seen off … Read more

Biden, who recovered from COVID-19, coughed and shook hands with guests at an event at the White House

US President Joe Biden coughed repeatedly during the signing ceremony for the law on supporting semiconductor manufacturers, held on August 9 at the White House. The event was broadcast by local TV channels. The event took place outdoors. Its guests were representatives of the presidential administration, congressmen, journalists and entrepreneurs. During the ceremony, Biden coughed … Read more

The guests of the Night Wolves bike show were greeted by a triptych of monuments

A crowd of spectators from different cities of Russia is already warming up at the Night Wolves motorcycle show to rock and roll, which sounds on Mount Gasfort in Sevastopol. Very soon, the headliners will also take the stage: the groups Alisa, 25/17 and the musician Vadim Samoilov. “I did not expect such grandeur. I’m … Read more

Mariupol Zoo welcomes guests again: FAN report

If we talk about the general mood of people in the city, it has also improved significantly. Seeing that the local and Russian authorities have not abandoned them to their fate, the residents once again believe in a brighter future, which, obviously, is not far off. .

SPIEF guests can taste the ice cream served to Vladimir Putin for free

Ice cream of this brand is presented at a special stand. Despite the fact that the weather in St. Petersburg is cool, those wishing to try the dessert have already gathered at the refrigerator. Those who have already eaten their portion praise the taste and invite others to see for themselves. .

VKontakte presented SPIEF guests with interactive screens linking different Russian cities

Company “In contact with” presented the entire range of products and services available to Russian users at the SPIEF venues. One of them is the Vk-Play gaming platform, said VK Communications Vice President Alexey Merkutov in conversation with a reporter Federal News Agency, included in Media group “Patriot”. .

Robot Dunyasha dressed as a beautiful blonde greeted SPIEF guests with coffee and ice cream

The robot’s real name is Donna, but she prefers Dunyash’s address. The blonde not only treats SPIEF participants with drinks and treats, but also communicates politely with them, telling interesting facts, including about the Northern capital. .