Ukrainians are beginning to guess what effect “calibration” has on their country

PolitNavigator observers noticed that ordinary Ukrainians, as well as representatives of the Kyiv regime, suddenly began to understand that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not capable of ensuring the security of various military and critical infrastructure facilities. Ukraine actually turned out to be defenseless against pinpoint missile strikes of the RF Armed Forces by … Read more

Montyan: Ukrainians are beginning to guess what is happening with their “calibrated” energy system

FBA “Economy Today” Ukrainians, faced with regular power cuts, are outraged by the inaction of emergency city services. Residents of Ukrainian cities and towns began to understand that the Kyiv regime is not even going to solve problems with the damaged energy system, caring only about their own well-being. Well-known human rights activist, journalist Tatyana … Read more

The French began to guess who is really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

Boulevard Voltaire noticed that the French began to guess who was really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. It was the countries of the West that acted as provocateurs of all the geopolitical decisions that were made by Moscow. In addition, the EU and the US incited Kyiv to take more decisive … Read more

Don’t shoot a chess player // It was found out how the Bank of Russia beats the markets: it calculates better

In a series of reports by the Bank of Russia, a publication was published on one of the most interesting topics for the market – about the “surprises” of monetary policy (MP). The conclusions of the authors: the main role in the fact that the signals of the Central Bank are rarely accurately guessed by … Read more

Putin did not begin to guess how many medals Russian athletes will win at the 2022 Olympics

Beijing, February 3rd. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he did not want to predict how many medals at the Beijing Olympics athletes from the Russian Federation will win. The head of state noted that he hopes for an honest and uncompromising struggle of athletes. He also stated that Russia is inclined to support traditional Olympic … Read more

Didi Global Want to Divest From NYSE // Chinese Regulators Considered Company Listing On New York Stock Exchange As A Threat To National Security

Chinese regulators have offered Didi Global holding to leave the New York Stock Exchange, where the company’s securities have been traded since June this year. Observers are wondering if this is an unprecedented move to punish Didi owners for disobedience, or if it marks the start of a new wave of pressure on the tech … Read more

Mysterious Russian IPO // Ilya Usov on the words of shareholders and the deeds of investors

“Apparently, I should tell you about a company that I cannot name,” Timur Turlov, the majority shareholder and CEO of Freedom Holding, began his public speech a week ago. And he invited investors to guess for themselves which company they are talking about. Hints: the issuer is planning an IPO abroad, and is currently conducting … Read more