Belarusian border guards found the body of a refugee displaced from Poland

Federal news agency The border detachment of Belarus discovered the corpse of a refugee. Experts believe that the body was moved to the territory of the republic from Poland. The incident took place not far from the gate in the Polish fence. The deceased, who was without warm outerwear, found documents of an Iraqi citizen. … Read more

Visitors to a Voronezh cafe got into a fight with security guards over a German flag

A 39-year-old local resident contacted the police. She said that she had suffered during the conflict in a cafe on General Lizyukov Street. The fight was staged by guards and visitors. Now all the circumstances of the incident are established. .

Border guards refuse to let students out of Ukraine even with a court decision to leave

Ukrainian students of international universities who have received permission to leave the court still cannot leave the country. The representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko explained why they are not released. .

Alla Pugacheva left the Zivert concert accompanied by several security guards

Apparently, Pugacheva began to fear something if she hired security. At the same time, the singer leads an active social life, attends concerts, performances, has dinner with colleagues. Recently, she was seen in the company of Mikhail Shats (an individual acting as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), Maxim Vitorgan, Noize MC and the … Read more

Border guards showed on video fortifications on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border

The checkpoint “Mokhro” (“Makhro”) in the Brest region borders on the Ukrainian checkpoint “Dolsk” in the Volyn region. – Thanks to the means of video monitoring, it was possible to establish that the Ukrainian side mined the approaches to the checkpoint with anti-tank mines. A shelter for manpower was built from concrete blocks, barbed wire … Read more

Lithuanian border guards were frightened by stencils with the symbols of the Russian Airborne Forces on the cars Lithuanian border guards working at the Kibartai checkpoint were frightened by the cars from the Kaliningrad region. They were marked with the symbols of the Russian Airborne Forces. Employees who were inspecting the train found two empty cargo containers. They ordered to cordon them off because of the applied symbols of the Airborne Forces. … Read more

A video from the place of searches in the country house of journalist Karaulov appeared on the Web

NEVA NEWS Footage from the scene of searches in the country house of journalist Andrei Karaulov is published by Telegram channel 112. Karaulov himself said that he was involved in the libel case as a witness. At the same time, he believes that the operational actions are related to the criminal case of libel at … Read more

Halloween Guards Detain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Several Werewolves, and Grim Reaper Employees of the security company “Delta Security Systems” during Halloween detained two people who dressed up as witches, one “death with a scythe”, several “werewolves”, as well as all the “ninja turtles”. This information was shared with RIA Novosti in the organization. “Annually, the number of alarms on this day increases by an average … Read more