A photo of Shnurov’s concert after a scandalous performance in Moscow was published on the Web

Omsk warmly welcomed Shnurov. Photos from the concert were published by the portal NGS55.ru. The group sang the famous hits “Drink in St. Petersburg!”, WWW, “Exhibit” and others. Fans sang along and danced during the performance. .

Information agency “Your News” joined the partners of the Media Group “Patriot”

Stolyarchuk, in turn, drew attention to the need for patriotic media to stick together and help each other in the battle against foreign propaganda and fakes. Only joint efforts will make it possible to defeat and protect the information sovereignty of Russia, summed up the head of the Patriot Media Group. .

Media group “Patriot” and “Your News” announced the beginning of information cooperation

Media group “Patriot” The head of the Patriot Media Group, Nikolai Stolyarchuk, announced the start of cooperation with the news agency YOUR News. RIA “TVOY Novosti” is a patriotic media outlet that has been covering events in Russia and the world since 2012. The motto of the journalists of the publication says that “every story … Read more

A member of the Seversky organized crime group will appear before a court in the Moscow Region

It is reported by “Lenta.ru” with reference to the official representative of the Moscow Region Department of the RF IC Olga Vradiy. According to law enforcers, the gang, organized in 1997, was extorting money from businessmen in the Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. The organized crime group owes its name to the Sever restaurant, where … Read more

Court in Moscow canceled the updated sentence of organized criminal group of Ukrainian hacker Lysenko

Recall that Lysenko received 16 years in prison, and six of his accomplices – from seven to 12 years. Later, the defendants were convicted for new crimes. The court of appeal found violations in the updated verdict of the Lefortovo court of the Russian capital.

A group of South African teenagers have developed a solar-powered train

Jim West/imageBROKER.com/Global Look Press Pretoria, 4 October. South African teenagers have designed a fully solar-powered train in response to the country’s energy crisis. The boys installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of the train. Now the train is being tested on a closed track in the city of Soshanguv. Teenagers hope that the government will … Read more

Vladimir Politov, a member of the Na-Na group, told FAN readers about his innermost dream

Vladimir Politovsoloist of the group “Na-Na”, was surprised by the call of the correspondent FAN, but agreed to a short interview. True, he warned that he did not have much time. The interview turned out to be really compact, but open in almost everything. Nearly. .