Losses of Russia’s largest electric train operator quadrupled

The Central Suburban Passenger Company (CPPK), which is the largest electric train operator in Russia, received a net loss of RUB 4.344 billion in the first quarter of 2022. This is four times more than in the same period in 2021. The company’s revenue decreased by 5% to RUB 24.25 billion. This is stated in … Read more

Labor migrants set a record // Monitoring of the labor market

In the second quarter of 2022, a record number of labor migrants entered Russia, according to a review by the consulting company FinExpertiza, based on migration statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In April-June of this year, their number reached 3.12 million people, which exceeds the figures for the same period over the past … Read more

Debts of Russians for housing and communal services increased to 804.5 billion rubles

According to the results of the first quarter of 2022, the debts of Russians for housing and communal services (HCS) increased to 804.5 billion rubles. This is by 7.6% or 56.6 billion rubles. more than a year earlier, and this growth was a record, Izvestia reports with reference to Rosstat. Debts to resource-supplying organizations increased … Read more

International reserves of the Russian Federation increased by 0.7% from July 22 to July 29

As of July 29, Russia’s international reserves amounted to $571.2 billion, which is 0.7% more than a week earlier. Information about this is contained on the website of the Central Bank. “The volume of international reserves as of July 29 amounted to $571.2 billion, having increased over the week by $4.2 billion, or 0.7%, under … Read more

Consumer prices in Russia have increased by 11.3% since the beginning of the year

Inflation in Russia since the beginning of the year by July 22 amounted to 11.32%, Rosstat reported. From its data it follows that deflation for the period from July 16 to July 22 slowed to 0.08% from 0.17% a week earlier. It is clarified that among food products in Russia over the week, prices fell … Read more

Lockdowns correct forecasts // Monitoring of the world economy

China’s GDP in the second quarter of this year increased by only 0.4% in annual terms, a quarter earlier, the increase was much more significant – 4.8%. In quarterly terms, the indicator decreased by 2.6%, according to the National Bureau of Statistics of China. Industrial production in the country in the second quarter increased by … Read more

June did not come out with housing // Growth was interrupted in the sector of apartment buildings

In the first half of 2022, residential construction commissioned volumes grew by 44% year-on-year, to 52.6 million square meters. m. A key role in this was played by private construction. The multi-apartment building (MFB) sector grew more slowly, and in June it even showed an 8% yoy decline in volumes. This is due both to … Read more

Escaping surplus // Expenses matched revenue in Q2

The federal budget for the first half of 2022 was executed with a surplus of 1.4 trillion rubles, the Finance Ministry said. Almost the entire amount of this “surplus” was accumulated in the first quarter. In the second, against the backdrop of a military operation and new sanctions, revenues were almost equal to expenditures. Oil … Read more