The guests of the Night Wolves bike show were greeted by a triptych of monuments

A crowd of spectators from different cities of Russia is already warming up at the Night Wolves motorcycle show to rock and roll, which sounds on Mount Gasfort in Sevastopol. Very soon, the headliners will also take the stage: the groups Alisa, 25/17 and the musician Vadim Samoilov. “I did not expect such grandeur. I’m … Read more

Robot Dunyasha dressed as a beautiful blonde greeted SPIEF guests with coffee and ice cream

The robot’s real name is Donna, but she prefers Dunyash’s address. The blonde not only treats SPIEF participants with drinks and treats, but also communicates politely with them, telling interesting facts, including about the Northern capital. .

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bulgaria at the monument to Alyosha was greeted with applause

Russian ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova was greeted with applause at the Victory Day ceremony in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. After watching the festive program, where the songs “My country, my Bulgaria” and “Katyusha” were played, the ambassador, dressed in all red, laid flowers at the monument. The solemn event was held in front of the monument to the … Read more

The Germans greeted with a shout the words of Scholz about the supply of weapons to Ukraine

They chanted the slogan “to achieve peace without weapons”, but the politician did not support the views of the public. The head of the Cabinet stated that he respects pacifism and any opinions, but the opinion of the inhabitants of Germany “should seem cynicism” to Ukrainians. .

Russian soldiers were greeted at home with jubilation

Compatriots greeted the column of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with jubilation and warmth. This was told by one of the Russian soldiers. According to him, during the redeployment of the contingent involved in the special operation in Ukraine, the Russians were happy with the soldiers and offered to help in every possible … Read more

Nancy Pelosi greeted Zelensky with a nationalist slogan

Ukrainian President’s Office/Keystone Press Agency/globalookpress Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi greeted President Volodymyr Zelensky with a Ukrainian nationalist slogan. The American politician uttered a phrase before the start of Zelensky’s speech to congressmen. “Members of Congress, it is a great honor and high privilege to present to you President of Ukraine … Read more

Crab quotas were greeted cool // Winners of new auctions may be obliged to build capacities for freezing

Rosrybolovstvo thought about changing the procedure for the second stage of auctions with quotas for crab catch. Instead of crab fishing vessels, the winners of some of the lots may be obliged to invest in the construction of refrigeration facilities, which should resolve the issue of their deficit in the Far East. Some market participants … Read more

The cruiser “Alexander Nevsky” was solemnly greeted in Kamchatka

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