Composer Rybnikov pointed to the unenviable fate of the graduates of the “Voice”

After Gradsky’s death, it was Rybnikov who took his place as the artistic director of the Gradsky Hall Theater. The composer noted that all the members of the Gradsky team at the Voice are his students in the theater. Among them are such stars of the project as Alexandra Vorobyeva, Dina Garipova, Sergey Volchkov, Valentina … Read more

The joke about Vladimir Solovyov was cut out of the issue “Meeting of KVN graduates”

An anecdote about the TV presenter was shown by the Snezhnegorsk Team. According to the plot, the actor Andrey Rozhkov, in his usual image of a grandmother from the Ural dumplings, sends a famous TV presenter “hello from the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg”, while showing an indecent gesture with his middle finger. .

many African graduates of Russian challenge become diplomats and military attachés

Moscow, 17 August. Many Africans who studied at domestic military universities later became diplomats and representatives of their countries in Russia. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Alexander Fomin.

Tomsk graduates participating in startups will receive 100 thousand rubles each

In the Tomsk region, until August 15, the acceptance of applications for the regional competition “Startup as a Diploma” continues. Within its framework, graduates of Tomsk universities will receive financial support from the regional budget for the implementation of their business ideas. The head of the regional department of labor and employment of the population, … Read more

The Military Space Academy of Mozhaisky presented graduates with titles and epaulettes

At the Military Space Academy named after A.F. Mozhaisky in St. Petersburg on Saturday, a solemn ceremony of presenting diplomas of higher and secondary education to young officers and students was held. The graduating team in 2022 is 985 people, including 58 graduates who graduated from the academy with a gold medal and 141 young … Read more

What do you remember about the main holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”

Petersburg hosted one of the most beautiful celebrations for the Scarlet Sails graduates. The majestic ship sailed along the Neva and marked the end of school life for tens of thousands of young people. The concert program on Palace Square began at 22:00. Former schoolchildren from the stage were welcomed and escorted into adulthood Alsou … Read more

Zhukov on “Scarlet Sails” urged graduates to go forward without fear

The leader of the famous pop group “Hands Up” Sergei Zhukov addressed the graduates after performing at the “Scarlet Sails” festival in St. Petersburg. “This is a great unity of all people. Everyone is waiting, this one is so symbolic. Such a beautiful point in the youth of people who will wake up tomorrow as … Read more

The main symbol of the holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails” entered the waters of the Neva

One of the main intrigues of the holiday was the secret headliner, whose name was kept in the strictest confidence until the last moment. As a result, it was Sergei Zhukov, leader and founder of the pop group “Hands Up!”. .

Singer Gagarina on “Scarlet Sails” congratulated the graduates

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