The government banned cargo carriers from some unfriendly countries from working in Russia

President Vladimir Putin granted the right to impose restrictions on the government by his decree of September 29. This was a response to similar restrictions that a number of foreign states – Western countries, of course – imposed on Russian cargo carriers in the spring. The Cabinet of Ministers received the authority to introduce a … Read more

An attempt to get out of the political crisis: the Emir of Kuwait accepted the resignation of the government

TASS | NOUFAL IBRAHIM Due to disagreements between the Cabinet of Ministers and Parliament, the authorities could not pass the laws necessary to overcome the crisis. Emir of Kuwait Nawaf al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah officially accepted the resignation of the government, according to the news agency KUNA. According to media reports, on the eve of the … Read more

The government approved a new regulation on the accreditation of IT companies in Russia

The Ministry of Digital Development will approve the list of activities in the IT sector by November 1. In addition, until December 1, the rules for the provision of state services for accreditation will be determined. .

Residents of Burkina Faso called on the new government to take a course on cooperation with Russia

The authorities of Mali turned to Russia for help in the fight against jihadists. Domestic instructors, whom the Western media classify as Wagner PMCs, have trained the personnel of the Armed Forces of the Republic with high quality. Thanks to the advisory support of specialists from the Russian Federation, the national army went on the … Read more

The Russian government will allocate 87.5 million rubles to the Glazov hospital in Udmurtia

Earlier, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin promised to help equip the Glazov hospital, the Susanin news agency reports. And now the press service of the head and government of Udmurtia reported that the relevant orders had already been signed. .

The Russian government will allocate 714 million rubles to Kuban to support grain producers

In total, 64 Russian regions will receive government subsidies totaling 10 billion rubles. According to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, such a decision will help companies operating in the field of agriculture to continue to show impressive results, allowing the country’s citizens to purchase high-quality domestic food products. .

RBC: in 2023 the Russian government will have the right to sell foreign debts

In the federal budget of Russia, it is planned to fix a mechanism that potentially ensures receipts on the debts of foreign states. RBC writes about this on September 28, citing materials for the draft budget. The corresponding measure became relevant in the context of the sanctions imposed by the West, which limited Russia’s interstate … Read more