Historian Goldin explained Hungary’s call for the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia

In conclusion, the Russian historian stressed that, given the events of recent days, the likelihood that the EU will listen to the words of the Hungarian head of the Cabinet — zero. However, in his opinion, despite the pressure, Budapest remains one of the few mouthpieces of common sense in Europe. .

Goldin announced the impossibility of a sharp increase in US shale oil and gas production to help the EU

As Goldin noted, it is still unknown what is more profitable for producers: to increase production by investing in it, that is, by increasing costs and provoking a decrease in the cost of energy resources, or to maintain a high level of prices with a smaller volume of production. .

Goldin about the position of the ex-musician of Pink Floyd in Ukraine: he understands better than most compatriots

In particular, the musician criticized the activities of the US authorities, who violate agreements and do “whatever they want.” Moreover, according to him, the coup d’état in Ukraine, which took place in 2014, was planned by Washington. .

Arkady Goldin: the protection of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant will not allow Kyiv to play the atomic card

wikipedia.org/DENAMAX/CC BY-SA 4.0 Kyiv is well aware that in any emergency situation at the ZNPP, regardless of whose fault it actually arose, Russia will be blamed – “that’s because.” This opinion was expressed by the Russian historian, publicist, teacher of MADI Arkady Goldin in an interview with the international editors of the Federal News Agency. … Read more

Arkady Goldin: Ukraine is capable of any provocations with the ZNPP for the sake of blaming Russia

wikipedia.org / Maxim Gavrilyuk / GFDL Russian historian, publicist, teacher at MADI Arkady Goldin considers the probability of a threat of sabotage from Ukraine at the Zaporizhzhya NPP to be high. He spoke about this in an interview with a correspondent for the international editorial office of the Federal News Agency. Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky … Read more