Short-term debt // What yield do ruble bonds bring

The loose monetary policy pursued by the Bank of Russia affected not only deposit rates, but also the yields of sovereign and corporate bonds. At the same time, the decline in yields in the debt market is uneven due to the different levels of risk of issuers. Managers consider the corporate debt of issuers of … Read more

The Central Bank lowered the key rate to 9.5% // Infographics

The Central Bank at a scheduled meeting on June 10 decided to reduce the key rate by 150 basis points to 9.5% per annum. The external environment for the Russian economy remains challenging and significantly limits economic activity. At the same time, the slowdown in inflation is happening faster, and the decline in economic activity … Read more

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for June 9-10 // Opinions and forecasts of analysts on how the ruble will behave

The Russian ruble continues to confidently strengthen its position against foreign currencies. As a result of trading today, the dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange amounted to 60.95 rubles / $, which is more than 1.5 rubles. below Friday. The depreciation is due to the increase in the supply of foreign currency from European … Read more

“We don’t have to wait for a serious increase in unemployment” // SuperJob President Alexei Zakharov – on the prospects for the Russian labor market

Three months after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine and the crisis caused by Western sanctions, the Russian labor market remains relatively stable. Kommersant spoke with SuperJob President Alexei Zakharov about whether an increase in unemployment is possible now, what is happening with salaries, and why the profession of a teacher is … Read more

Inflation slows growth on declining demand

Planning for budgetary changes is still taking place under conditions of general uncertainty. The latest weekly inflation report from Rosstat shows an almost complete halt in price growth. It amounted to 0.25% from April 16 to 22, but mainly due to an increase in demand for domestic tourism services on the eve of the May … Read more

There are figures, but no words // Dmitry Butrin on the hidden consequences of the closure of statistical data

Really bad news can be difficult to describe: nothing really important for a significant number of people has yet happened, and it is impossible to talk specifically about the long-term consequences of small events. For me personally, it all started with a trifle – since the end of February 2022, the number of pages in … Read more

The art of laundering // The US Treasury assessed the illegal financial opportunities of the art market

The high-end art market has the potential to launder ill-gotten gains due to the nature of art trade and security. This area is characterized by subjective pricing and the presence of intermediaries that ensure the anonymity of the owners of such objects. New directions can also be used for laundering, including the sale of digital … Read more

YouTube will be asked about the rights // The service was offered to report on the reasons for blocking videos

The Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers (APPSIM) proposed that the Ministry of Digital Development and the Ministry of Culture oblige YouTube and other services to publicly explain the reasons for blocking videos. This is often due to complaints from scammers who have misappropriated music rights, APPSIM says. Market participants acknowledge the … Read more