Economist Koltashov named a way to overcome the global crisis

Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko Bypassing the dollar system will help overcome the global economic crisis. Vasily Koltashov, head of the Center for Political and Economic Studies of the Institute of the New Society, announced this. The modern economic system, according to the analyst, is being destroyed by the policy of Western central banks. … Read more

The UN called the causes of a new possible global recession in the economy

The UN has warned that higher interest rates and austerity measures, which the world’s richest countries are resorting to to fight high inflation, could trigger a painful global recession that will hit developing countries hardest. This was reported on October 3 in The Guardian. The publication refers to the annual report on trade and development … Read more

the fall of the UK currency was a shock to global financial markets

Markets in the US and the EU have shown sharp price fluctuations after the Bank of England announced an emergency purchase of bonds to slow down the decline in the pound sterling. According to analysts, investors began to sell assets to cover their losses in the UK. .

Patrushev said that the West has turned Ukraine into a global springboard for extremism

The United States has been trying to revive fascism in Europe since the end of World War II, and Ukraine has now been turned by the West into the main world platform for far-right extremism. This was announced on September 30 by Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev. “An extremely … Read more

Economists told how the increase in the dollar supply led to a recession in the global economy

The United States plans to raise the Federal Reserve’s key rate to 4.5% in 2023. The Chinese edition of the Global Times writes that this will lead to a global economic earthquake. Leading researcher at RISS, specialist in economics Pavel Zakharov does not consider the prospects for the global economy so pessimistic, but believes that … Read more

Global drought and famine were the main reasons for the decline of the economy of East Africa

© Dong Jianghui XinHua / globallookpress Nairobi, 26 September. East Africa is in a complex crisis. According to the forecast of experts, the drought and subsequent famine will lead to a recession in the region’s economies. Employees of the international company Deloitte prepared a report in which they analyzed the parameters of such states as … Read more

The economist explained the impact of the strengthening of the dollar on the global economy

The strengthening of the dollar is more likely a consequence of the crisis, because in fact it means that assets from all over the world go towards the United States, since during the crisis “this is the safest haven.” This was stated on September 25 in a commentary to Izvestia by economist, analyst, associate professor … Read more