WP: Italians can give Putin a luxurious gift

kremlin.ru / Administration of the President of Russia Residents of Italy can give Russian President Vladimir Putin a luxurious gift in the elections to the country’s parliament. This is stated in the material of the American edition of The Washington Post. The authors of the publication noted that recently in Europe there has been an … Read more

no sanctions will force the DPRK to give up nuclear weapons

According to Kim Jong-un, no sanctions can force the DPRK to give up the “right to survival and self-defense” on which the future of the North Korean people depends. He added that nuclear weapons allow Pyongyang to deter Washington, which is an even bigger nuclear power. .

What will the calculation in rubles and yuan give: economist Razuvaev on the agreement between Gazprom and China

wikipedia.org/Presidential Executive Office/CC BY-SA 3.0 Gazprom signed an agreement with CNPC providing for gas payments in yuan and rubles, the press service of the Russian company informs. Head of Gazprom Alexey Miller held video conference talks with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNPC Dai Houliangduring which additional agreements were signed to the … Read more

what will the creation of companies for the insurance of sea transportation of oil give Russia

As Fyodor Sidorov noted, his own insurance company to insure the transportation of oil to buyers is a countermeasure against the G7 decisions to set a price ceiling for Russian raw materials transported by sea. The EU intends to ban the insurance of such vessels that transport raw materials from Russia, if it (raw materials) … Read more

The head of the LPR Pasechnik appealed to Russia with a call not to give Kyiv to anyone

Kremlin.ru/Administration Russia should not give Kyiv to the nationalists, the British and the Americans. This opinion was expressed by the head of the LNR Leonid Pasechnik. The politician spoke at the Knowledge forum. According to him, the territories under the control of the Ukrainian regime will be liberated in the near future. “I can’t imagine … Read more

US General Arnold called on NATO to give Ukraine weapons and allow it to strike deep into Russia

Washington and NATO must provide Kyiv with weapons that can strike deep into Russia. This was announced on August 29 by retired General of the US Armed Forces Mark Arnold. He believes that the requirement of Western countries not to use the weapons received from the allies against Moscow is a “huge strategic mistake.” According … Read more

US General Arnold urged NATO to give permission to Ukraine to strike all over Russia

Earlier, RT reported that the Ukrainian military fired at the village of Mikhailovka from the American HIMARS MLRS. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to intimidate the inhabitants of the Melitopol region on the eve of the referendum on joining Russia. .

Singer Anastasia Prikhodko called on Kyiv to give Ukrainian citizenship to Nargiz Zakirova

Alexander Keltik/Russian Look/Globalookpress Singer Nargiz Zakirova, who was banned from entering Russia for 50 years, should be granted Ukrainian citizenship. Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko made such an appeal to Kyiv. As journalist Alexander Evseyev told SOLENKA.INFO, after being deported from Russia, Nargiz returned to what she had been doing before her participation in Golos: she … Read more

Russians leaving Finland are forced to give euros to customs officers “for preservation”

Finnish border guards confiscate foreign currency from Russians during searches. However, they offer two options. This was told by a resident of St. Petersburg named Peter, who was seized 1390 euros during his return to Russia. .