The security guard and the controller of the store was detained for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in St. Petersburg

According to a number of media reports, the girl entered into an intimate relationship with men on the same day with a difference of several hours. A minor had sex at home. Her first partner was an 18-year-old clothing store controller, the second was a 34-year-old security guard. The defendants met the schoolgirl on social … Read more

The girl was hospitalized after being hit by a freight train near Novosibirsk

In the Novosibirsk region, a freight train hit a 23-year-old local resident. Now the girl is in the hospital, and the transport prosecutor’s office has begun an investigation, the press service of the regional supervisory authority reports. .

Baltika suspended Gogrichiani from training after reports of beating a girl

Recall that the incident occurred last weekend in Kaliningrad. The couple had a serious quarrel due to the fact that the athlete spends a lot of time on the dating app Tinder. Soon the verbal skirmish turned into strangulation and beating of the girl, as a result of which her nose was broken. .

A five-year-old girl from China is engaged in extreme riding on a sports motorcycle

A very young resident of China showed on camera riding a sports motorcycle. The girl rides at high speed, professionally performs complex tilts and turns, and videos with her races are gaining more and more popularity in social networks. The little motorcyclist lives in Leshan, a city in the Chinese province of Sichuan. Amazing shots … Read more

A drunk girl driving a KamAZ was stopped on the highway in front of Krasnodar

The citizen reacted to the demand to leave the car and go into the patrol transport with increased aggression, and she also tried to hide. As a result, administrative materials were drawn up against her. The court also sentenced the violator to a five-day administrative arrest, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs … Read more

Accident due to the fault of a novice driver claimed the life of a girl in the Stavropol Territory

According to preliminary information, on the evening of October 4, on the Kochubey – Neftekumsk – Zelenokumsk – Mineralnye Vody highway, the driver did not give way while turning left and collided with a truck. A 16-year-old passenger was also injured in the incident. .

The girl added the song “Salute, Vera” by Valery Meladze to the rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger

In order to add the song of the people’s artist of Russia “Salyut, Vera” to the game, the gamer had to use the FMOD utility and the official mod package from the developers. It is noted that she also needed to know the BPM of the song (an indicator that determines the speed of performance … Read more

Doctors fight for the life of a girl who fell into a coma after being hit by a car in the Stavropol Territory

The accident happened this afternoon in the village of Chernolesskoe. Previously, the girl was returning home from school. At some point, she saw classmates on the opposite side of the road and stepped off the side of the road onto the roadway. The driver of the car tried to slow down, but to no avail. … Read more

Pedophile molested a ten-year-old girl in the elevator of the St. Petersburg shopping center

The woman said that her daughter went to the mall in the evening while walking. She was in the elevator with a man. He began to harass the schoolgirl and persistently persuaded her to go with him. The police have already drawn up an orientation for a likely pedophile. .