More than half of Germans cut spending due to inflation

Approximately two-thirds of Germans are forced to save on everyday goods due to high inflation. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by the Federal Consumer Association (VZBV), published on Thursday, November 24, on the ZEIT ONLINE portal. So, 61% of the study participants reported that they began to buy cheaper food, and … Read more

The Germans called Zelensky’s unwillingness to sit down at the negotiating table with Russia immoral

Readers of the publication noticed that millions of Ukrainians suffer while Zelensky believes in some kind of victory. The actions of the Ukrainian leader to destroy the country are immoral, the Germans are sure. .

A Russian woman who visited Germany named five main differences between Germans and Russians A Russian traveler visited Germany and told how Germans differ from Russians. The girl shared her impressions on her personal blog on the Zen platform. First of all, the Russian woman noted that the inhabitants of Germany do not like surprises. They order gifts for the holidays for themselves from friends and relatives in … Read more

Polish MP Plazhinsky rebuked the Germans for doing business in Russia

According to the parliamentarian, the Germans “simply want to do business with Russia, make money on it.” Therefore, Poland should not count on the fact that the German authorities “discipline” their entrepreneurs. Plazhinski is confident that Germany will continue to do this “regardless of how much Ukraine and all of Europe will have to pay … Read more

50% of Germans do not believe in the effectiveness of the authorities’ anti-crisis assistance

The publication did not disclose the number of participants and the timing of the study. However, according to the material, 50 percent of Germans do not pin their hopes on the anti-crisis measures taken by the authorities. Only 36 percent of respondents believe that government assistance will help them cope with the difficulties of the … Read more

Socially vulnerable Germans may lose free food due to lack of food

It is noted that the reason for the shortage was also a change in the policy of German stores, which were the main suppliers of products for social points. According to philanthropists, stores used to give away products with an expiring shelf life, but now there are fewer such goods. This is due to the … Read more

The Germans called the Ambassador of Ukraine in Berlin Makeyev “Melnik II” for his brazen demand for tanks

Other users have noted that such a thirst for heavy combat vehicles speaks of Kyiv’s intention to continue to wage a bloody struggle. Instead, Ukraine should sit down at the negotiating table, readers wrote. .

expert Sokolov explained the smooth insight of the Germans towards Russia

Earlier, Western analysts found that the number of Germans who share Russia’s position on the causes of the conflict in Ukraine continues to grow. The number of German citizens who believe that the Russian Federation, in the course of a special operation in Ukraine, is “fighting the globalist elites” has grown by 6% since April … Read more