Israeli Prime Minister announces achievement of goals of operation in Gaza

On August 7, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced the final stage of the military operation “Dawn”, directed against the group “Islamic Jihad” (an organization banned in the Russian Federation). “The goals of the operation have been achieved, we are at the final stage,” the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot quotes the prime minister. Earlier Sunday, … Read more

Another senior Islamic Jihad commander killed in Gaza

During an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip, a high-ranking commander of the radical Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) was killed. This was announced on August 7 by the military wing of the al-Quds Brigades. It is noted that the Israeli army struck the day before, on August 6. … Read more

Death toll in Israeli strikes on Gaza rises to 24

The number of victims of Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip rose to 24, another 203 people were injured. This was announced on Saturday, August 6, in the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian enclave. “As a result of Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, 24 people, including six children and two women, were killed … Read more

Radicals from the Gaza Strip dealt a new blow to Israel

Radicals from the Gaza Strip have dealt a new blow to Israeli territory. On Friday, August 5, reports The Jerusalem Post. It is noted that more than 70 rockets were fired on the territory of the Jewish state. Earlier in the day, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry called on the UN to keep civilians safe from … Read more

Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket fire

Hamas military outposts and a weapons shop in the Gaza Strip have been targeted by the Israeli Air Force after a rocket attack from Palestinian territory, the press service of the Jewish Defense Army said. The Iron Dome air defense system intercepted a missile fired by militants from the Palestinian enclave, which was aimed at … Read more

Israeli Iron Dome shoots down rocket fired from Gaza The Tseva Adom alarm sounded again in the South at Sderot and Otef Aza. Israeli air defenses eliminated a rocket fired from Gaza. Palestinian Hamas, through intermediaries in Egypt, assured that it had nothing to do with the attack. The message says “it’s not us”. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the interception … Read more

Why the Palestinians staged an anti-Iranian rally in the Gaza Strip

On the territory of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians held an anti-Iranian demonstration. Participants of the protest procession criticized the authorities of the Islamic Republic, and also burned portraits of the spiritual leader of Iran Ali Khameneihead of the Lebanese Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallahas well as the Iranian general killed in 2020 Qasem Soleimani. #GazaLos palestinos … Read more