Slovakia announced its intention to keep gas supplies from Russia contrary to the position of the EU

The CEO of Eustream, the Slovak gas transmission operator, and the president of the Slovak Gas and Oil Union, Rastislav Nyukovich, announced the need to maintain Russian gas supplies to the country, the Bratislava newspaper Pravda reports. .

The explosion occurred at a coke and gas plant in southern Poland

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the issue of supporting Kyiv does not depend on the citizens of Europe, but on its elites

According to the expert, then politicians can finally deal with the problems of the ordinary population, which will lead to a refusal to cooperate with Kyiv and will allow Russia to put an end to this hotbed of fascism in a short time. As for the European Union itself, the winter will be very difficult … Read more

The latest developments for the gas industry were presented at SPIGF

Stepan Yatsko Lakhta Center, Yacht Bridge The eleventh international gas forum was held in St. Petersburg. For four days, leading experts from major Russian and foreign companies held lively discussions to set the right vector for the development of the oil and gas industry. Within the framework of the forum, 80 events of the business … Read more

Gas station owners in Orsk will be tried for violations of safety rules

Investigators opened a case against five people. Materials on the provision of services that do not meet the requirements of the safety of life and health of consumers were transferred to the prosecutor’s office. Once the indictment is approved, the case will go to trial. .

Die Welt analysts told how the nationalization of Uniper will turn out for Germany

Stefan Koriot, a professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University, recalled that the Constitutional Court of Germany had earlier abolished the “coal tax” for a similar reason, a surcharge on the cost of electricity that all consumers in the country had to pay. .

what is the connection between the unrest in Iran and the Russian special operation in Ukraine

Indeed, an excerpt later appeared in the media and social networks, and then a full video, in which the girl becomes ill. At the same time, there are no beatings on the frames. Skeptics believe that Makhsa was beaten while still in the car, but no one has provided evidence either. Moreover, there is a … Read more