“Izvestia”: European farmers were furious because of an overabundance of Ukrainian grain

xhere.com European farmers cannot compete in the grain market due to an oversupply of grain from Ukraine. The Izvestia newspaper writes about this. Oversaturation with Ukrainian grain has led to the fact that its prices have fallen significantly. Local farmers are dissatisfied with this state of affairs, because they are not able to compete with … Read more

Americans were furious after Biden’s words about democracy in Ukraine

Earlier, the US President posted a congratulatory post on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. In the message, Biden assured Kyiv, which is defending “its sovereignty and democracy”, of further support. .

Travelers furious about chaos at Schiphol: ‘Delivered to the gods’

Sigh, groan, complain and moan. Waiting travelers who have to brave the huge, long lines to get to their holiday destination or business appointment, all express themselves in their own way. They do have one thing in common: the situation at the national airport is as shocking as it is unacceptable. Copy to clipboard

Travel world furious about cancellations

Holidays fall into the water because holiday flyer Transavia cancels flights due to staff shortages, tour operators and travel organizations report to De Telegraaf. Within aviation there is currently a ‘migration’ of flight attendants to KLM, which makes it less easy for Transavia to complete the schedules. Trade union FNV warns against more ruined holidays. … Read more

Americans were furious after Biden’s words about the economic “successes” of the United States

US President Joe Biden spoke on Fox News about the country’s economic successes and steps to overcome the global crisis. Such a hypocritical position outraged the inhabitants of the country, forced to suffer because of high prices. .

The creators of the tenth “Fast and the Furious” spent more than $ 300 million on the film

According to preliminary data, the budget of $300 million has not yet included advertising costs. Therefore, the final amount has not yet been reported. Most of the costs go to the actors’ fees. Vin Diesel, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, Brie Larson and others will play in the future tape. .

Travel world furious at Schiphol: ‘May not become Peppi and Kokki airport’

To prevent the summer holidays from ending in misery for many travelers, Schiphol has to do better. This is demanded by various top men and women from the travel world and aviation. It sounds like money needs to be added. Brussels Airport says it is happy to welcome Schipholmijders. Copy to clipboard

Director Lin leaves the tenth “Fast and the Furious” a week after the start of filming

He was supposed to be filming the continuation of the legendary franchise. However, a week later he decided to leave his post. According to Universal Studios, there were creative differences between the director and the studio. Specific details are not specified. .

Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel announces filming of the tenth installment of the franchise

The film will also feature Brie Larson and Jason Momoa, who will play one of the villains. American actress Charlize Theron, who played the terrorist Cypher in the eighth part of the franchise, may also appear in Fast and Furious 10, according to The Hollywood Reporter. .