CYBER FRONT Z. How to stop the outflow of IT specialists

Russia prepares the best IT-specialists. Our students have been winning international programming competitions for many years. Universities notice talented students and give them the opportunity to develop and become excellent specialists. For this reason, our developers are in such high demand abroad. The discussion club CYBER FRONT Z discussed the fate of the Russian IT … Read more

RIA Novosti: mobilized Ukrainians were almost never taught how to shoot before being sent to the front

One of the prisoners, Alexander Pavlenko, rated his level of military training as one (on a five-point scale). “They went to the training ground twice,” he told RIA Novosti. Another prisoner, Maxim Pisarev, said that he and his colleagues had been digging trenches for six months: “For six months, I only shot 11 rounds.” Vitaly … Read more

Svetlana Loboda called the news about the performance in front of Russian audience in Dubai fake

Earlier, news appeared on the Web about the singer’s readiness to perform in front of the Russians for 100 thousand euros. In addition, the client had to pay 10% tax and 6.5 million rubles of expenses for the rider. The client noted that the audience will be Russian. The manager said that this point can … Read more

A surgeon from the LPR told Shugaley that almost 100% of the wounded want to return to the front line as soon as possible

The medic noted that the experience gained here would be extremely useful when working in peacetime. There will be no such injuries that are typical for military operations, but the uninterrupted and extremely stressful regime in which doctors now work hardens. .

RIA Novosti: Ukrainian military Ulyanov spoke about sending mobilized to the front without preparation

He noted that for 9 months in their unit there was only one lesson in tactics and they were taken to the firing range three times. “There are a herd of sheep, which are holding machine guns for the first time. We worked out for an hour and that’s it,” the agency’s interlocutor described the … Read more

Head of the Popular Front Kuznetsov answered questions from Russian residents during the stream | Lobachev Vladimir/Public Domain The Executive Committee of the Popular Front presented a new draft. The head of the organization, Mikhail Kuznetsov, explained how the stream format will help citizens. Kuznetsov noted that direct broadcasts would help solve the problems of citizens much more effectively. This practice was used during the pandemic and showed … Read more

Sakhalin resident chewed two packets of drugs in front of traffic police inspectors

The incident occurred on Sunday at the 12th km of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk-Kholmsk road in the Aniva district. During the verification of documents, it turned out that the man had previously been deprived of a driver’s license for driving while intoxicated, and the 38-year-old man also behaved inappropriately. The inspectors warned the citizen that they intended … Read more