The Prime Minister of Mali at the UN General Assembly promised to provide evidence of French arms supplies to militants

The head of the government of Mali recalled the demands to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the actions of France on the territory of the republic. Addressing directly the Secretary General of the organization António Guterres, he stressed that the former metropolis in every way impedes a possible meeting:

The French began to guess who is really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine

Boulevard Voltaire noticed that the French began to guess who was really involved in the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. It was the countries of the West that acted as provocateurs of all the geopolitical decisions that were made by Moscow. In addition, the EU and the US incited Kyiv to take more decisive … Read more

CAR authorities accuse French company SUCAF of trying to evade punishment for aiding militants

A year ago, the non-governmental organization The Sentry conducted an investigation into the connection of the company with the militants and published its results. According to the report, the giant Caster financed armed groups involved in massacres, rapes, robberies and other crimes against the population of the Central African Republic.

The French MP called for the resumption of dialogue between Moscow and Kyiv

French member of the National Assembly of France, Eric Ciotti, believes that the sanctions against Russia have only aggravated the situation around Ukraine and provoked an even greater threat. He stated this in an interview with the French TV channel LCI on September 21. “So far, everything that has been done has led to an … Read more

Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled the center of Donetsk on September 19 from French CAESAR howitzers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) fired on the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk on September 19 from French CAESAR howitzers. This was stated by the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin. “There is no doubt. We have investigative bodies working, both the General Prosecutor’s Office of the DPR and the Investigative Committee … Read more

French journalist Volton’s statement about Russia’s “fear” of Ukraine angered the French

The author of the material tried to blame Russia and the “autocratic elites” of the countries that formed after the collapse for the conflicts in the post-Soviet territory of the USSR. At the same time, Moscow’s “fear” of the “spread of Ukrainian freedom” allegedly became the reason for the start of a special operation. .

Residents of Niger demanded the government to expel the French contingent of the operation “Dune”

The contingent of the former metropolis operates in the region as part of Operation Barkhan. The Elysee Palace fought the militants in Mali for a long time, but did not achieve significant results. In this regard, the authorities in Bamako withdrew from defense agreements with the former mother country.