Heads of gas distribution companies detained in Omsk for fraud

pxhere.com Law enforcement officers in Omsk detained the heads of the gas distribution organization. They became defendants in a criminal case of fraud, according to the RF Investigative Committee for the Omsk region. According to the investigation, the suspects have been collecting money from the residents of Omsk for a year to connect equipment to … Read more

The Russians called the most frequent fraud schemes during online sales

During the hot sales of “Black Friday” and New Year’s Eve sales, there is an increase in the share of fraud with various sites – clones of well-known online stores. In addition, attackers often use mass phishing mailings allegedly on behalf of trading platforms, Fyodor Chunizhekov, an analyst at the Positive Technologies research group, warned … Read more

Financier Finogenova warned of criminal liability for embezzlement of mother’s capital

Directions for spending maternity capital are clearly spelled out in the law, however, in some cases, the Pension Fund may require the return of money or even bring criminal liability. This was warned by the professor of the Department of State and Municipal Finance of the Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanova Yulia Finogenova. … Read more

“The wave of support has cooled down”: the former deputy of the Bundestag announced the disappointment of the Germans in the Ukrainians

Global Look Press | Christian Spicker via www.imago-/www.imago-images.de Residents of Germany became disillusioned with Ukrainian refugees due to cases of fraud with social benefits. The former deputy of the Bundestag, Waldemar Gerdt, spoke about this at a press conference organized by the Patriot Media Group. The politician claims that earlier Ukrainians could dance in the … Read more

Recidivist fraudster will answer in court for fraud with the purchase of apartments in St. Petersburg

pxhere.com The prosecutor’s office of the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg approved the indictment in a criminal case on fraud with the purchase of apartments in the northern capital. The defendant in the proceedings was a 54-year-old recidivist fraudster from the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to the investigation, the defendant misled those who wanted to buy … Read more

Court in Moscow extends arrest of narcologist Bryun and his colleague in fraud case

Recall that the narcologist Bryun and his colleague Yakushev, who holds the post of deputy head of the Association of Narcologists of Russia, were accused of embezzling 20 million rubles from the capital’s depzdrav. According to the investigation, the defendants withdrew this amount through affiliated companies by delivering them at significantly inflated prices to the … Read more