France’s national debt will rise above 3 trillion euros in the coming weeks

Specialists of the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Research (Insee) previously indicated that the debt of the republic in the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 2.9 trillion euros, or 114.5% of GDP. In 2001, this indicator was at the level of 60%. .

Deputy Fedorov about Macron’s “misunderstanding” of Putin’s actions

Former French leader Emmanuel Macron said that he was unable to explain the actions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. In an interview with CNN, when asked about “Putin’s motives,” he replied that it could be “a combination of resentment, a strategy of hegemony in the region, and, I would say, the … Read more

Economist Razuvaev: France still perceives Africa as a raw material appendage

imagebroker/Juergen Hasenkopf/Global Look Press The fuel crisis and the collapse of the industry will not force France to abandon its imperialist approach to Africa and become more pliable in dialogue with the countries of the region. The colonial ambitions of Paris are ineradicable. Economist Alexander Razuvaev voiced this opinion in an interview with the international … Read more

Foreign Ministers of Germany and France requested a meeting with Lavrov at the UN General Assembly

The heads of the foreign affairs agencies of Germany and France, as well as a representative of one of the Nordic countries, requested a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as part of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (GA). This was stated on September 22 by the official representative of the … Read more

Coronavirus cases on the rise in France

The number of new cases of COVID-19 in France continues to rise. According to the Ouest-France newspaper, on September 21, 38,250 people were diagnosed with coronavirus. “The epidemic is on the rise,” the article says. One of the reasons for the worsening of the epidemiological situation is the resumption of classes in schools. For the … Read more

French journalist Volton’s statement about Russia’s “fear” of Ukraine angered the French

The author of the material tried to blame Russia and the “autocratic elites” of the countries that formed after the collapse for the conflicts in the post-Soviet territory of the USSR. At the same time, Moscow’s “fear” of the “spread of Ukrainian freedom” allegedly became the reason for the start of a special operation. .

France may cut electricity exports to Italy

The French company Electricite de France SA is reducing production at nuclear power plants for technical reasons. The indicator of received electricity will fall to the lowest level in 30 years, which will exacerbate the energy crisis in the country. .