Fox News noted the softening of Biden’s rhetoric against the Republicans

US President Joe Biden softened the aggressive rhetoric against the supporters of the Republican Party, which was contained in his recent statements. This was announced on September 9 by the Fox News channel. During a meeting in Ohio dedicated to the opening of a new Intel semiconductor plant, the White House owner relied on a … Read more

Fox News host rules out Biden’s 2024 nomination

The Democratic Party of the United States will not allow the incumbent President Joe Biden to be elected for another presidential term in 2024. The corresponding statement was made on August 3 during a television broadcast by Fox News host Karl Rove. “The Democrats are done with President Biden. Democrats are not stupid enough to … Read more

Fox News talks about the preparation of a bill on weapons lend-lease for Taiwan

Republicans in the US Congress are preparing to pass legislation to create a military aid program for Taiwan, modeled after the Lend-Lease program of the 1940s. This was reported on July 29 by the Fox News channel. Rep. Michelle Steele and Senator Marsha Blackburn lead an action group that is working on an initiative to … Read more

Fox News pointed to massive buying by Chinese companies of American lands

Chinese firms associated with the PRC establishment have recently been buying up agricultural land in the United States en masse, often in close proximity to secret military installations. This was pointed out by Fox News columnist Sarah Carter on July 26. The video is available on YouTube hosting. “For example, in 2021, a former Chinese … Read more

Fox News viewers criticize US Vice President for words about gender

Fox News viewers in the comments to the publication of the TV channel on Twitter criticized the words of US Vice President Kamala Harris about her gender, personal pronouns and clothes. The day before, during a White House meeting dedicated to the topic of abortion, Harris said that she is “a woman sitting at a … Read more

Fox News host criticized Biden for helping Ukraine instead of his own citizens

American political commentator Tucker Carlson, host of his own Fox News show, criticized US President Joe Biden for preferring to help Ukraine over the American people during the economic crisis. He stated this on the air of the program on Wednesday, July 13. “Biden, in the name of ‘democracy’, signed a $40 billion check for … Read more

Fox News host says US has lost its ability to protect the world

The United States maintained the functioning of the global world order due to the fact that the American Navy (Navy) protected shipping, now the country is faced with the loss of this ability. This was stated by the host of the Fox News channel Jesse Watters. The author of The End of the World is … Read more

Fox News drew attention to the gradual rapprochement between Russia and North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulated his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on June 12, the country’s national holiday. This is another sign that understanding between states is growing, Rebecca Koffler, a former officer in the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency, is sure in an article for Fox News. .

Fox News host Carlson spoke about Biden’s daughter’s complaint about sharing a shower with her father Schultz/Keystone Press Agency The daughter of US President Joe Biden, Ashley, complained in her diary that her father took showers with her when she was a child. Unpleasant details from the personal life of the American leader were announced by host Tucker Carlson on Fox News. According to the woman, such behavior is “sexually … Read more