Putin awarded the founder of the Lyube group Matvienko with the title of People’s Artist of Russia

It should be noted that in different years Matvienko also produced Zhenya Belousov, Sati Kazanova and other Russian pop stars. At the moment, the composer is a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Culture and Art, as well as the head of the expert council of the Foundation for … Read more

Died the founder of the legendary St. Petersburg football school “Change” Dmitry Besov

Besov began his career in the teams of the “Red Dawn”, was a member of the Great Patriotic War. Besov was a mentor to such players as Oleg Salenko, Dmitry Radchenko, Vladislav Radimov, Vyacheslav Malafeev, Andrey Arshavin and others, according to the RFU Telegram channel | Russian Football Union. .

The founder of the PIK group Pisarev left the Russian business

Thus, Pisarev is no longer the owner of the Russian division of Wainbridge. It is known that she is also engaged in development projects in Europe and the United States. According to the head of the marketing department of Wainbridge International Elena Mikhailikova, the company decided to transfer its business in Russia to local management. … Read more

Former passion Hugh Hefner told what kind of lover was the founder of Playboy

Holly Madison, who was in a close relationship with Hefner from 2001 to 2008, revealed that she did not enjoy sex with Hugh at all. According to the girl, he was not particularly active, but most often lay motionless, “like a bump on a log,” the Informing online publication reports. Holly believes that none of … Read more

The court arrested the founder of the burned down hostel in Moscow

The Presnensky District Court of Moscow sent Rauf Mironov, the founder of the hostel where eight people died in a fire, to a pre-trial detention center until September 29. This is stated in the message of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office. He was charged under Part 3 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the … Read more