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Foreign mercenaries who fought in the DNR sentenced to death

There are currently...

DPR Foreign Ministry announced preparations for the trial of a mercenary from South Korea who fought for Ukraine

Previously sentenced to death in the DPR, mercenary Sean Pinner, who is a British citizen, gave advice to his colleagues. He urged them not to fight for Ukraine. .

Russians and Egyptians fought over dirty toilets near a hostel near Kaluga

The Russians expressed strong dissatisfaction with the behavior of foreigners. In particular, people were outraged that the toilets were clogged due to the fault of guest workers. In addition, foreigners were often noisy. ...

Ukrainian prisoner: “It would be better if we fought with Russia against the United States”

Territorial defense soldier Anatoly Gendych was taken prisoner a few days ago west of Popasnaya. Before being sent to the front line, he did not undergo any combat training and believes that the command used the rank and...

In London, protesters against COVID-19 measures fought with police

Rallies against coronavirus restrictions are taking place in central London. Videos of the protest actions on December 18 were published on the web.It is clarified that during the protest there was a fight in Parliament Square, police officers...
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Russian Ambassador commented on the situation with COVID-19 in the DPRK

The epidemiological situation in North Korea has not yet improved after the outbreak of COVID-19. This was announced...
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