Novoshakhtinsky shooter from the PKK was accidentally discovered in the forest belt by the staff of the PPS

A man in camouflage fired at police officers with a PKK model machine gun in the Novoshakhtinsk region. According to the source of the FAN, the security forces discovered him by chance in a forest belt. Employees of the teaching staff were engaged in the search for a brawler. .

An employee of the colony saved a woman freezing in the forest in the Urals

A worker of the colony heard a scream in the forest next to the railway. In the end, she found the victim, who was immobilized due to severe cold. The woman called her husband, who called an ambulance. As a result, the citizen was hospitalized. .

In Sochi, rescuers helped lost tourists get out of the forest

People went to the confluence of the Agura and Ogurchik rivers, and then went up the slope along the power lines. The tourists realized that they were lost when it got dark. They called the emergency services. Rescuers found people near the statue of Prometheus and took them out of the forest. .

The state prosecution requested 3.5 years in prison for a resident of Mordovia who cleared a forest road

This story, which can hardly be called otherwise than a mockery of common sense, began a year and a half ago. The forest road, which directly connected the villages of Bolshaya Polyana, Glushkovo and Paevo with Kadoshkin, has been overgrown with self-seeding since the 90s. Residents decided to restore the shortest route to the regional … Read more

Ugra plans to use explosives to extinguish forest fires

In 2022, Yugra entered the national anti-rating of regions in terms of the area of ​​natural fires. The fire season lasted from April 22 to October 10, 439 forest fires were extinguished on an area of ​​over 400,000 hectares, and damage amounting to 2.5 billion rubles was caused. .

A dead woman with a bloody head was found in the forest near Novaya Okhta

Federal news agency The body of a woman was found in a forest near Novaya Okhta in St. Petersburg, according to a FAN source in law enforcement agencies. The identity of the deceased has not yet been established. She was found dead at the bus stop. The woman had multiple head injuries on her head. … Read more