economist Razuvaev analyzed the increase in the country’s public debt

The indicators predicted by the Ministry of Finance are considered quite conservative in comparison with previously drawn up plans for 2021-2026. For emerging markets, 60% is a benchmark (an indicator or financial asset, the return on which serves as a model for comparing the performance of investments). This suggests that Russia has nothing to fear. … Read more

The expert called the results of the congressional elections for Democrats better than expected forecasts

The results of the US Democratic Party in the midterm elections turned out to be better than expected, Michelle Watley, former director of work for African Americans in the campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders, shared her opinion on November 17. “The Democrats held their own in the midterms, but they did it in spite of … Read more

A month in the ocean on an ice floe: weather forecasts, seeing off the sun and what polar explorers get sick with. Diary of the browser “RG”

On an ice floe 93 centimeters thick We are moving confidently in a northwesterly direction, according to preliminary calculations, from 82 to 83 degrees north latitude. The weather for this region of the Arctic is autumn, the air temperature drops to minus 20, and the water – to minus 2-3 degrees Celsius. And we would … Read more

Dollar exchange rate in the budget for 2023 – forecasts and factors

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation calculated the dollar exchange rate for 2023 and the planning period 2024-2025. The basis for the forecasts was a socio-economic analysis of all the factors that have developed to date – external and internal. How the course will change – read the material of Izvestia. What dollar … Read more

IMF analysts improve forecasts for the Russian economy until 2023

So, in 2022, the analyst expects a decline in GDP at the level of 3.4% instead of 6%, and in the next figure should be within 2.3% against the July forecast of 3.5%. As for inflation, this year it will reach 13.8%, and in 2023 it will drop to 5%. .

Britain gives gloomy forecasts about the consequences of the energy crisis in Europe

The growing dissatisfaction of European citizens with the governments of their countries against the backdrop of the energy crisis will be the last straw that will “break the back” of Europe. This was announced on Wednesday, September 7, by a former member of the British Parliament and head of the Workers’ Party of Great Britain, … Read more

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for August 22-26 // Opinions and forecasts of analysts on how the ruble will behave

The ruble finished the last week with a sharp strengthening of its positions against foreign currencies. According to the results of Friday trading, the dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange amounted to 59.1 rubles / $, which is 1.5 rubles. lower than the previous week’s close. The strengthening of the Russian currency was facilitated … Read more

Don’t shoot a chess player // It was found out how the Bank of Russia beats the markets: it calculates better

In a series of reports by the Bank of Russia, a publication was published on one of the most interesting topics for the market – about the “surprises” of monetary policy (MP). The conclusions of the authors: the main role in the fact that the signals of the Central Bank are rarely accurately guessed by … Read more