Forbes: The price ceiling for Russian oil will be a death blow for the West

As he writes in the article, the G7 states believe that they have found a “cunning way” to enter the Russian oil market at a lower price. “This plan is good in theory, but in practice it carries a lot of risks. It happens because politicians cannot understand the mechanisms of energy markets,” the observer … Read more

The head of the Accounts Chamber Kudrin was offered a 5% stake in Yandex for the transition to the company

The capitalization of “Yandex” as of September 23 is 6.51 billion dollars. About 95% of the company’s profit comes from business in the Russian Federation. Alexei Kudrin, after joining the company, may enter its board of directors. Arkady Volozh, like many Yandex top managers, lives in Israel. .

Forbes columnist Eberhart warned of imminent paralysis of the US shale industry The American shale industry has faced a number of economic, investment and political challenges. All this brings her closer to a state resembling paralysis, according to journalist Dan Eberhart in an article for Forbes. “The great American shale machine hit the wall. The pace of drilling and production by hydraulic fracturing has ceased to … Read more

Forbes: refusal of Russian gas will return Europe to the Middle Ages Modla/dpa Europe is plunging into a protracted energy crisis and is rapidly sliding into the Middle Ages due to the rejection of Russian gas and sanctions. This conclusion was made by a senior columnist for Forbes magazine Kenneth Rapoza. “News from Western Europe is reminiscent of what once came from countries like Bolivia. High … Read more

Forbes columnist Runkevičius: Russia will turn Europe’s energy nightmare into reality

© / Alexey VitvitskyFlags with symbols of the European Union MOSCOW, 9 Sep — Enforced restrictions on gas consumption risk ruin for Europe, writes Dan Runkevicius for Forbes. “Mandatory rationing – the energy nightmare becomes a reality,” the publication says. The author recalls that the EU is completely dependent on Russia, because it produces more … Read more

Forbes predicted an energy nightmare for Europe due to gas supplies

According to Dan Runkevicius, an analyst with the publication, after Gazprom stopped deliveries via Nord Stream, the cost of fuel in Europe soared to record levels. The leaders of the countries have proposed programs for voluntary rationing of gas consumption, but this is not enough, PolitRussia reports. .

“The crisis will be serious”: analyst Razuvaev on an article in Forbes about the consequences of stopping Nord Stream Zinken/dpa The economies of European countries are facing serious difficulties after a sharp drop in Russian gas exports via Nord Stream. This thesis was made by the Forbes columnist Sal Gilberti. At the same time, he notes that since Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, it … Read more

Saudi reaction to Biden’s request demonstrates proximity of Riyadh and Moscow

Dan Eberhart, CEO of Denver-based drilling company Canary, pointed out that Biden has repeatedly unsuccessfully tried to win support from his Middle Eastern ally in the hydrocarbon market. Biden wants inflation-driven oil prices to fall in time for the midterm elections in November, he said. .

Forbes businessman and his wife killed in gunfire

As a result of a missile attack on Nikolaev, the Ukrainian oligarch Aleksey Vadatursky and his wife were liquidated in their house. This was reported by the head of the office of President Zelensky Andriy Yermak. 74-year-old Vadatursky was the general director of the Nibulon agricultural company and was on the list of the largest … Read more