The cost of food and hydrocarbon raw materials continues to grow in the world

Federal News Agency The world is gripped by a serious hydrocarbon and food crisis, energy prices are rising everywhere, and European companies stop their work. Food is becoming more expensive and spending on it is growing. This is reported by the publication “Expert”. Analysts of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) … Read more

Doctor Zubareva warned about the danger of hormonal disruptions due to “jamming” of stress

A medical specialist claims that uncontrolled eating can provoke hormonal disruptions in the body. In addition, “jamming” stress contributes to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and further aggravation of the emotional state. Drinking alcohol is a particular danger. .

The crisis in the UK may leave schoolchildren without lunch Children from needy families in the UK could be on the brink of starvation due to record inflation and rising gas and food prices. Chefs in Schools, a British nutrition charity, has recorded an increase in the number of hungry children. Their parents are forced to make a choice between paying utility bills and … Read more

The British stopped reheating food to save energy

According to a YouGov study, a quarter of families with at least one child under the age of 18 have been forced to cut back on groceries in order to buy basic necessities and pay utility bills. About 28% of adults also began to choose food of lower quality, according to The Guardian. .

Reddit users shared tricks on how to improve the taste of instant noodles Netizens have listed foods that improve the taste of ordinary instant noodles. In the comments on Reddit, users began to discuss what to add to instant noodles. Some users have reported using boiled or fried eggs. “I put a boiled egg on top and add spinach,” wrote a user with the nickname mochaboo20. Other … Read more

Naturopath Zimenskaya listed foods that should not be eaten during the cold season The human body adjusts to the winter mode with the onset of cold weather. What foods can not be eaten at this time of the year, said gastroenterologist and naturopath Anna Zimenskaya. Each person has their own health-related characteristics. However, when the air temperature drops, the body becomes more sensitive to such fluctuations. “In … Read more

Kirkorov considers his main weakness to be the love of delicious food

Yes, it’s about greed. According to Kirkorov, he has been trying to fight his passion for delicious food throughout his life, but so far this has not been successful. One of the singer’s favorite dishes is dumplings, for which he goes to a small restaurant on the highway in front of Sochi, Channel Five reports. … Read more