Economist Dobromyslov advises Russians to focus on deposits

Reacting to the proposal of the Ministry of Finance to allow Russians to invest the funded part of pensions in the non-state Pension Fund, Dobromyslov noted that the population in this case risks incurring losses. As Dobromyslov explained, the pension of the participants in this system will be approximately 30%, and the profitability of investments … Read more

Bottom promises to be less deep // Economists improve estimates for CIS+ economies

Despite the deterioration in estimates of overall global economic growth this year, macroeconomic forecasts for the countries of the CIS+ region are improving. The decline in GDP, according to analysts surveyed by Focus Economics, is still expected in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. At the same time, the assessment of the contraction of the Russian … Read more

business should focus on business, not be distracted by bureaucracy

Business in Russia should focus on business, without being distracted by unnecessary bureaucratic procedures and inspections by regulatory authorities, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting with the head of the Federal Accreditation Service, Nazariy Skrypnik. It is necessary to reduce the regulatory and administrative burden on businesses, reduce the number of on-site inspections, … Read more

Mikhail Shvydkoy urged Russian directors to focus on creating spectator films

Speaking on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum – 2022, he said that awards and festivals, including the Oscars, have become a largely politicized phenomenon, and domestic directors should be calm about awards and their absence, writes TASS. .

“I really hope that the current situation will have a sobering effect” // Denis Manturov on the peculiarities of Russian industrial policy

The gap in industrial demand and supply due to international sanctions and the disruption of trade ties due to the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has sharply increased the influence of the industry regulator – the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which needs to adapt Russia’s industrial policy to new conditions. About … Read more

Washington asked Belgrade to focus on the goal of joining the European Union

State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US is asking Serbia to focus on its goal of EU membership, including bridging foreign and security policies. According to him, Washington also regularly calls on Belgrade to take action to move along the European path, including steps to diversify Russian energy sources and reduce energy dependence on … Read more

Small supplier, but expensive

The White House specified for the second reading in the State Duma the parameters of a program that allows state-owned companies to “grow” suppliers among small and medium-sized businesses. In particular, the Ministry of Economy proposes to focus such programs on import substitution and innovation support. It is expected that this will expand the base … Read more