Rosaviatsia estimated the cost of foreign carriers to fly over Russia at $37.5 million per week

The Federal Air Transport Agency said that foreign airlines in 19 countries are forced to spend up to $37.5 million extra a week due to the ban on using Russian airspace. According to the agency, in the first 2 months of 2022, foreign companies made 31.4 thousand transit flights through the skies of Russia, which … Read more

The Ministry of Transport estimated the expenses of foreign airlines for overflight of Russia at $37.5 million

Additional costs of foreign carriers of 19 countries to which Russia closed airspace in response to sanctions exceed $37.5 million weekly, according to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. According to him, this will lead to an increase in ticket prices for foreign airlines. We are talking about air carriers from the USA, … Read more

The Ministry of Transport does not plan to redistribute air subsidies for overflying Moscow

The Ministry of Transport told Kommersant that they do not plan to redistribute regional air subsidies for 2022. Earlier, a Kommersant source in the department said that the ministry intends to redistribute 9.3 billion rubles allocated to air carriers by Resolution 1242. “The information does not correspond to reality. The Ministry of Transport does not … Read more

The Frenchman did not reach the Russian capitals

The problems of air carriers with flying around Belarus, which seemed to be solved, have not completely disappeared. Air France canceled a third of flights from Paris to Moscow and part of flights to St. Petersburg, scheduled for June, without explaining the reasons: the company said that it could not agree with Russia on the … Read more

Russia allows Austrian Airlines to fly over Belarus

The Russian authorities have issued a permit to the Austrian airline Austrian Airlines to operate a passenger flight from Vienna to Moscow en route to overflight the airspace of Belarus. Earlier, a Kommersant source said that Rosaviatsia today, May 28, will give unofficial permission to European carriers to change routes. “The Russian authorities today gave … Read more

Peskov called the cancellation of flights around Belarus “technical”

Moscow’s cancellation of flights of European carriers, who decided to avoid the airspace of Belarus after the incident on May 23 with the Ryanair aircraft, are technical issues, said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President. The Kremlin spokesman is convinced that the Federal Air Transport Agency will soon comment on the situation. “I … Read more