Virgin Atlantic flight attendants allowed to wear gender-neutral uniforms

Thus, male airline workers can wear skirts, and flight attendants can wear male uniforms on flights “to express their individuality.” In addition, passengers will be able to indicate gender-neutral affiliation in the “gender” column when purchasing tickets, according to the carrier’s website. .

The flight restriction regime at airports in the south and central part of Russia has been extended until October 10

Representatives of the agency stressed that the restriction applies to the airports of Anapa, Bryansk, Belgorod, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don and a number of other Russian cities. Airlines are recommended to organize the transportation of passengers on alternative routes, including using the airports of Sochi, Volgograd and Mineralnye Vody. The temporary flight restriction regime … Read more

Producer Ashurov told how much Pugacheva spent on a flight from Russia

At the same time, Ashurov added that the performer is unlikely to have gone to neighboring countries. In this case, she would have chosen the train, since she does not like airplanes and preferred to travel around Russia by land transport. .

The creators of the series “Queen’s Move” were accused of humiliating Soviet flight attendants Hollywood directors often show Soviet reality distorted by stereotypes in their films. The modern series “The Queen’s Move” was no exception, writes the Kinoafisha portal. Russian viewers were outraged by the scene on the plane, during which a Soviet stewardess in strange clothes served drinks to passengers. The girl was wearing a blue shirt … Read more

The plane of the Moscow-Alma-Ata flight urgently returns to Sheremetyevo due to a malfunction

Sheremetyevo International Airport is preparing to receive a Moscow-Alma-Ata flight, which urgently flies back to the capital. The reason for the return was a technical malfunction, according to REN TV, citing a source. .

A special flight of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered to Moscow the victims of the shooting in Izhevsk

Shooting at school No. 88, located in Izhevsk, occurred on the morning of September 26. A man, born in 1988, opened fire with two pistols, handed over for firing with live ammunition. As a result of the tragedy, 17 people died, 11 of them were children. Mourning has been declared in the Udmurt Republic. .

The crew of the airliner nursed the children of Todorenko during the flight

Todorenko sincerely thanked the crew. The TV presenter said that all the way she was supported and helped with the children. When she needed to leave, the crew members looked after her children. But the star was very disappointing to see the condemning looks from the irritated passengers. .

Flights from Samara to Sharm el-Sheikh will return to the schedule in October

NEVA NEWS | Nadezhda Kapranova Direct flights from Samara to Sharm El Sheikh will resume in October. Information about this appeared on the information board of the Samara airport Kurumoch. Judging by the information that appeared on the official website of the airport, the next such flight is scheduled for October 2, the online publication … Read more